10 Best Airports in the World

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A study reveals that up to 65% of government revenue generation can be through tourism.  It is beyond doubt that the aviation industry is the major contributor to revenue generation.  Many countries seem to have taken efforts to improve airport facilities in their respective areas.  It is, of course, creating healthy competition and better & better service airports today exist globally.  This article throws light upon the airport review analysis

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Singapore Airport glimpse

In the World Airport Survey made during the year 2019-2020, based on the votes given by airport customers from across the world, the rating of airports is as follows, an effort to review Best Airport World:

  • Singapore Changi Airport
  • Tokyo International Airport, Haneda
  • Hamad International Airport for Doha, the capital city of Qatar
  • Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea
  • Munich Airport, Germany, the hub for Lufthansa German Airlines
  • Hong Kong International Airport, Chinese Mainland
  • Tokyo Narita Airport, Greater Tokyo, Japan
  • Central Japan International Airport, Centrair, Japan
  • Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, Netherlands
  • Kansai International Airport, Japan 

The Survey Awards consider several attributes such as region, transit, costs, hotel service, cleanliness, staff service, shopping, dining, immigration, security, baggage delivery, leisure amenities, online/digital services, accessible facilities, and improvements.    This is an effort to review Best Airport World.

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Best Airports…

The World Airport Rating Programme started in the year 1999. The quality of front line products and staff service standards is a significant criterion.  Skytrax is a Consultancy organization based in the United Kingdom and has played a leading role in ranking, reviewing, and awarding the airports.

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Central Japan International Airport

After March 2020 onwards, the global pandemic had a dwindling impact on the air traffic. Still, the passengers’ experiences in the earlier period shall continue to bring dividends to tourism and, more particularly, the airline industry.  World’s Best Airports Awards by Skytrax went to virtual.  The Airports Council International (ACI) has worked on airport traffic rankings during 2019-29 and has revealed a substantial decline in the traffic on account of restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.  There has been a resultant decline in aviation revenue generation by more than US$97 billion during 2020.  Undoubtedly, the situation calls for drastic government efforts, airport organizations, and stakeholders to revive the industry.  

The following aspects are of critical importance as far as the revival of the aviation industry on a global level is concerned:


Movement in a nation is a must for maintaining a country’s economy.  Goods and services need mobilization everywhere.  The agricultural crop is produced on the farm and has to reach people in the nooks and corners of the nation and internationally.  So a transportation system must be employed to transport goods and services from the place of generation, production, or growing to the utility of goods.  Thus transportation is a must. During the Corona lockdown period, the transportation system has almost collapsed.  Hence the goods and services could not be transferred from one place from another.  Thus, transportation is inevitable for any period.   Airlines provide the fastest transportation means for carrying goods and services from one place to another or one country to another. The efficient transport system is a must for the peaceful or sustainable life of people on the globe.  


When we are thinking of the other modes of transportation, it has its limit.  It cannot go beyond a certain distance in a reasonable time. One has to consider how much time will be required.  It means that when a human race progresses, the most crucial factor in consideration of choosing a means of transportation is speed.  For longer distances, you need air travel means or air transport.  So in a society, we cannot deny the importance of air transportation. When speed is essential for a vehicle, we have no option other than air travel.  Thus, in modern society, air transport must survive.  No government and other concerned economies can afford to lose this sector.  Government and other related industries are bound to boost the growth in the aviation industry.  It must come out of the crisis.  This is an effort to review Best Airport World.

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