4 Places To Drop Off Your Bag At The Saco International Airport

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There are terminals for international flights, domestic flights as well as local flights to this airport. It can accommodate large numbers of traffic at one time. This airport is one of the busiest airports in the world.

The airport is served by two different types of airports.The main airport serving downtown Saco is the Sacramento International Airport. It is also served by several other airports. The secondary airport is the airport of choice for those flying from the nearby San Francisco International Airport. From both airports there is a single large parking lot across the street. You can find drop-offs at this lot and several other businesses within walking distance.

The Saco Airport Shuttle

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This parking lot is serviced by four different kinds of public transportation including Sacramento locals, bus services, limousines and the Saco airport shuttle. You can walk directly to your desired destination from here. Buses going to Saco depart from the main airport of Sacramento bound for San Francisco. Limousine services and other transportation services departing from downtown will drop you off at the Sacramento International Airport. If you have your luggage with you may want to book a shuttle if there are a lot of people traveling to or from the airport. Once you get out of the airport you can walk to the terminal, wait for a taxi or rideshare shuttle to get to your location.

The Sacramento International Airport’s super shuttle terminal is also located at the corner of Division Street and North Sacramento Street. Once you get off the bus it will take you directly to Saco Airport. To get in and out of Saco airport you must go through this same entrance. There are shuttle bus services that will take you to both terminals, but they are often crowded during rush hour.

Division Street

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As for where to drop off your baggage at either the Saco airport’s super shuttle or the downtown exit you will find a plethora of options. You can find drop-off locations along Division Street and in front of the Saco Loop. There are also a few hotels in downtown Saco that offer valet parking. The restrooms and the gift shop inside are all very clean plus they offer a quick convenience for shopping plus a great price. These options are great especially if you have a large quantity of baggage.

The third place to drop off your baggage is at the Saco International Airport’s carousel number, which is located on Airport Drive. There is a huge X-shaped sign at the entrance of the carousel. This is where you’ll find the airorter’s contact information and the terminal map. The X is also where you’ll find the international arrival and departure guide. This is a great location plus tip for arriving at the airport as well as for waiting for a flight. Keep this location handy as there will be many people taking advantage of it.

Final Words

The fourth place to drop off baggage at the Saco International Airport’s terminal is the main parking lot. There are shuttle buses going to and from the airport which pick up passengers near the toll booths on Airport Drive. This is also a great plus tip as you will arrive at the airport with enough time to catch a shuttle bus. When boarding the shuttle buses make sure to have your boarding pass and reservation number ready. It is also a good idea to bring an orange juice, bottled water, and some snacks if you have them.

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