6 Luxurious And Best Western Airport Inn In The World

best western airport inn

Imagine your flight is delayed by almost 6 hours. For compensation, the airline provides you with a free stay at the best western airport inn. Now, where will you stay? Do you have any idea? The airport and airlines have connections with hotels near the airport where you can stay. 

Let’s get to know what k luxury you can expect from the best western airport inn. If you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to stay at a five-star hotel. With all the luxury, free wifi, swimming pools services, and complimentary food.  

Let’s know what the best western airport inn has in different offers to their customers. 

Intercontinental Johannesburg O.R Tambo Airport In South Africa


This is the best western airport inn in South Africa near Intercontinental Johannesburg O.R Tambo Airport. It is perfectly and safely located for business travels. The hotel offers free services like a gym, wifi, swimming pool, and self-help business center. 

Hilton Munich Airport In Germany


Once you enter the Hilton Munich Airport, you will forget the noise and hustle of the airport. It is a great location between terminals 1 and 2 of Munich Airport. The property offers easy access to the airport, Munich’s attraction, and the city center. 

The Western Denver International Airport In the USA

The Western Denver International Airport is an award-winning design. Also a revolutionary hotel for the travelers who view the airport. The hotel has easy access to downtown Denver, popular ski areas of the Rockies and Stapleton. Each of the 484 guest rooms and 35 suites is contemporary calming. These are retreats after a long day’s travel. 

Regal Airport Hotel In Hong Kong

The regal hotel is the only hotel that is directly connected to Hong Kong International Airport. The hotel has 1,171 guest rooms and state-of-the-art meetings along with conference facilities, Hong Kong’s largest hotel ballroom. 

W Abu Dhabi Island In United Arab Emirates

Located adjacent to Abu Dhabi’s International Airport, this best western airport inn offers an exhilarating island. This Abu Dhabi island hotel is set half on land and half on water. The property looks amazing, willing you to stay a bit more. 

Cordis Beijing Capital Airport In China

Cordis Beijing Capital Airport in China is another best western airport inn. With a glamorous blend of art, luxury, and fashion lifestyle. The hotel has 372 spacious guest rooms that include seven lofts and an ultra-luxurious penthouse. All are appointed with their signature Blissful beds. 


These are the best western airport inn, or you can say hotels. With all the luxury a man wishes to have, and you can’t deny its beautiful view from each room. You can see downtown, streets full of people, deserts and seas. Each hotel has its best view that makes them the best western airport inn.

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