A Guide To Boston Logan Airport Terminals

boston logan airport terminals

Millions of travelers commute from Boston Logan airport terminals every year. Hence, it is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is stated that it is the 20th busiest airport in America. It is located in East Boston. From the center of the city, it is located at a distance of four miles. It is the main hub for America’s biggest airline, i.e., Delta. Also, it is one of the key airports for JetBlue. If you plan to fly or land at this airport, it is necessary to know Boston Logan Airport Terminals details.

Why Must You Know About It?

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In the last few years, Boston Logan airport terminals have undergone huge renovations. So, if you have been to this airport some years back, you will not find it the same now. However, all the renovations have been done for the good. Suppose you are there for a layover or have time while leaving or arriving at this airport. You can indulge in a variety of multi-cuisine restaurants and shops. As we mentioned above, this is a very busy airport. Therefore, Boston Logan Airport Terminals provide you with all the facilities and amenities.

An Overview Of Boston Logan Airport Terminals

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There are four terminals at Boston Logan Airport that are currently in operation. They are terminal A, B, C, and E. However, we understand that this airport is extensively large, but with the help of this small guide, you will easily navigate through it. Some walkways connect all the terminals. Also, the airport facilitates regular shuttle buses to reach all the Boston Logan airport terminals. There are an airport MBTA station and a Logan boat duck as well. The shuttle buses at this airport are very consistent and have a quick service. They operate at all hours of each day and stop at each terminal for around 15 to 20 minutes. Every shuttle bus is wheelchair-lift equipped.

Quick View At Boston Logan Airport Terminals

Terminal A:

Southwest Airlines

Delta Airlines

WestJet Airlines

Terminal B:

United Airlines

American Airlines

Air Canada

Penair Airlines

Terminal C:

Alaska Airlines

JetBlue Airlines

Virgin America Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Sun Country Airlines

TAP Air Portugal Airlines

Aer Lingus Airlines

Terminal E:

Air France

Emirates Airlines

Japan Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines


Swiss Airlines

American Airlines International flights

Iberia Airlines

SATA Air Acores Airlines


Hainan Airlines

COPA Airlines


SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Avianca Airlines

Primera Airlines

Alitalia Airlines, etc.


It is always a better idea to know the airport before you reach there. It is to avoid any kind of delay or inconvenience. You must have seen that Terminal E is the only one that services all the international flights among all the Boston logan airport terminals. However, terminal C remains the busiest among all the terminals. It is a well-designed airport. And if you know it well, you won’t have any inconvenience. You can enjoy the restaurants, shops, etc. present at each of the Boston Logan Airport Terminals. Keep all the details in mind, and have a good flight.

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