A Guide To Lambert Airport Terminals

lambert airport terminals

The Lambert airport terminals are a complex structure with three concourses A, C, and E. The first two terminals are domestic, and the third one is an international terminal. The first terminal is bigger than the second one. Both the terminals are connected via inter-terminal transport. We have provided a complete map and guide to the Lambert airport terminals for you so that next time you don’t find any difficulty navigating it. 

The airlines that you will find in Terminal 1 Concourse A are Air Canada, Delta, and United. This concourse is located at the Northwest end of terminal one. The airlines at Terminal 1 Concourse C are Alaska Airlines, Air Choice One, Cape Air, Frontier Airlines, and SunCountry Airlines. This concourse is situated at the southeast end of the terminal. 

At all the lanes, you will find security checkpoints. You will also find a lot of cafes and restaurants at these concourses. Near concourse C, you have Admirals club. It is a lounge that is open from 6.a. m. to 5:30 p. m. Similarly, there are other lounges such as USO lounges, Wingtips lounge, and so on. The Lambert airport terminals have 36 food outlets in total. You also get access to Wifi and charging points. These points are located near gates C9 and A9. 

These terminals also have play spots for kids and babies. You can let them play if your flight is delayed or just to kill some time. 

Some Useful Tips While Using Lambert Airport Terminals 

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If by chance you lose your baggage or any other item, then immediately contact the lost and found terminal that will help you. The shuttles that run between the two terminals run after every 8-10 minutes, so make sure you catch the shuttle. If you are flying international, then make sure you reach you two hours before your flight time. A lot of time goes into security checking and other formalities. 

You should fact-check all the information regarding bag weight, luggage fee structure, and so on before boarding your plane. All the dining and drinking options are available at both terminals. Thus, in case you are confused about the Lambert airport terminals, then we hope this guide has helped you. 


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This was all about the Lambert airport terminals. It has a lot of amenities and facilities that make it a very good airport in total. You can shop, eat, drink and have a relaxed time at the airport. Just make sure you reach in time and two hours before your flight time. We hope the above writing article was helpful and you have known everything about Lambert airport terminals. 

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