A Guide to Major International Airports in Japan

International Airport Japan


Japan, popularly known as the land of the rising sun, is one of the fascinating destinations around the world.  It is a peace-loving and caring country where guests have a gratifying experience.  There are 29 airports in Japan, out of which 24 are local, and 5 are international airports.

Narita International Airport

The Narita International Airport of Tokyo at 1-1, Furugome, Narita, Chiba, Japan, was formerly known as New Tokyo International Airport.  From Narita Airport, reaching Tokyo is fast, easy, and cheap as local transport is readily available.  The airport is known for its excellence in services, infrastructure, and shopping facilities.   With a closely linked railway station and bus service, the passengers can have local tours.  The online digital facilities make it convenient to book seats well in advance. See the glimpses of International Airport Japan.

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Kansai Airport of Osaka

Kansai Airport of Osaka

Located at an artificial island of Osaka bay, this international airport has access to railways and the finest hotels. It is the first international airport created on an island and gives a good ocean site to the landing passengers.  The airport establishes a precise balance between nature and technology.  Bird view of the airport provides a sense of magical experience as if the hub is floating on the ocean, which is an island.  Thus the Kansai Airport is a ‘flight-of-fancy experience to the passengers.  Kansai Airport of Osaka is the most extended building in the world.     

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Nagoya Central Japan Airport

Nagoya Central Japan Airport

See the glimpses of International Airport Japan. Nagoya Central Japan Airport has superb facilities such as food outlets, entertainment for kids, and duty-free shopping malls with direct train access.   Also called Chubu Centrair International Airport, this is a hub for Nippon Airways, Jetstar, and AirAsia Japan.  Nagoya is the capital city of Japan.  It is also an important port having shrine, art museums, and parks.  Constructed on an artificial island in the Aichi Prefecture, is about 170 miles southwest of Tokyo.  This airport won the Director General’s Roll of Excellence award from the ACI, or Airport Council International.

Fukuoka International Airport

Fukuoka Airport is known for its convenient location in Japan.  Connected with a subway, it leads to the center of the city.  At about 3 Km on the east of Hakata station, Fukuoka, Japan’s busiest passenger airport.  This airport’s international terminal is in a separate building along the runway where a free shuttle bus service is available.  The passengers can fly to Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and many other countries from this airport.      

New Chitose International Airport

Located at 5 Km south-southeast from Chitose and Tomakomai, Japan, the New International Airport is the largest in Hokkaido, Japan.  Chitose Airport is one of the best-maintained airports in Japan.   In the 1990s, Japan’s Air Self Defense Forces used the airport, but it has currently become a civilian hub.  As a part of shopping delight at Chitose Airport, passengers prefer buying omiyage (gift packs) for kiths & kins.   As a peculiarity of Japanese ethical services and time consciousness, this airport has an efficient luggage delivery system that curtails long waiting by the passengers for the purpose. These are the glimpses of International Airport Japan.

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