A High-Quality Cable, Reduced Wire Resistance That Maximizes Charging Speed and Reduce Charge Time!

In this technology ear, the greatest and most amazing innovations are the digital devices. The second most amazing innovation is the USB charging cable, which is a design of this technology that has replaced other charging cables rapidly. 

We live in this era where we own many technologies peripheral devices like computers, mobile phones, cameras, etc. the most used and useful devices are mobile phones. To charge or connect devices, you may often need a tool to connect or charge the device that will be accessed anytime and anywhere easily. 

That’s why you need to understand the useful uses of a USB charging cable and make your life easier. 

Here, we’re introducing the NOHON nylon USB fast charging cable for Apple iPhone to get an effective charging solution for your devices.

NOHON Nylon USB Fast Charging Cable For Apple iPhone XR XS MAX X 8 7 6S 5S 5 6 Plus ipad mini Phone Lighting Charge Data Cables

In the competitive smartphone market, the feature of fast charging allows a quick charge to your device. With this NOHON nylon USB fast charging cable, you can get simple, coalesced charging standards and can transfer data for your apple iPhones whenever you need. By using this, your device will receive a greater charging ability safely.

The damaging charging port is a very common modern problem that occurs frequently. Therefore, to enhance the life of your apple iPhones, it is best to choose an NOHON Nylon USB charging cable. This amazing tech tool has a fast-charging feature and can be used on most apple devices.

In addition, the specification of NOHON nylon USB comes with great advantages and supports standard data transfer. So grab this high-tech tool to receive all the advantages and start using your gadgets without worrying.

Buy your NOHON Nylon USB Fast Charging Cable For Apple iPhone XR XS MAX X 8 7 6S 5S 5 6 Plus ipad mini Phone Lighting Charge Data Cables today.


  • Connector B: LIGHTNING
  • Maximum Current: 2.4A
  • Surface Material: Nylon
  • Connector A: USB A
  • Has Retail Package: Yes
  • Compatible Model 1: USB Cable for iPhone 5s 5 6 6s 7 se For iPhone X 10
  • Compatible Model 2: Lighting Charge Cable For iPad Air 1 Air 2 5 6 Mini 1 2 3 4 NEW ipad
  • Compatible Model 3: Nylon Braided Cable for iPhone 7 6 6s Plus For iPhone 8 8 Plus
  • Compatible Model 4: Durable Cable For IOS Cellphone
  • Categories: Mobile Phone Accessories > Mobile Phone Cables
  • Support: Dropshipping,Wholesale,Mix Color
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  • It is easy to use and durable charging cable.
  • It provides fast charging for a lot of Apple iPhone devices at an affordable price and with better connectivity. 
  • It has been made with high-quality nylon material. 
  • The compact USB cable takes a maximum of 2.4A current and it supports any other digital signal output.
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  • It might get slow in charging and data transmission.
  • For long-term use, it can damage your devices, but the possibility is less.


Fast-charging is the technology that will positively increase the capability of serving portable devices. Therefore, charging or connecting your device with NOHON nylon USB is highly recommended to get the best performance and longevity from your apple device battery. Switch to an affordable USB charging cable and grab this fast charging USB cable and enjoy your device performance.

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