Airport Security Checkpoint Guidelines

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Airport security screening processes may sometimes seem cumbersome and complicated. However, you need to go through an airport security checkpoint on departure and arrival. You need not fret, though. We’ve put together guidelines to help you get through airport security checks.

Beware Of Metallic Accessories

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Airport security checkpoints use metal detectors to detect metals. To avoid an unnecessary pat down, avoid putting on clothes and shoes with metallic complements. Since most belts have metal buckles, you will need to remove it at the check. Keys, watches, chains and other metallic accessories should be removed into your carry-on. Body piercings are also detected, so it’ll save you time removing them before the check.

Put On Socks And Easily Removable Shoes

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You are required to remove your shoes at airport security checkpoints. You then drop the shoes into a plastic bin to be screened. Since you’re required to walk through metal detectors with your shoes off, wearing socks come useful to prevent exposing your feet to germs. If you’re above 75 years, you’re not necessitated to remove your shoes. 

Also, do not be hasty when putting off and on your shoes. Hastiness may lead to belongings being left behind.

Bring Liquids or Gels In A One-Quart Plastic Bag

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To go hassle-free at airport security checkpoints, make sure all liquids or gels you come with are in 100 millilitre or lesser containers. For access into the passenger compartment, a one-quart clear zip plastic bag should contain your liquid and gel products. Larger liquid items should stay in your checked baggage; there’s an exception if the items are for your medical needs. Gel-like food products are confiscated, while natural powders go through extra checks.

Medical Liquids And Supplies Should Be Kept Separate From Other Liquids

If you have a medical condition warranting you to bring aboard prescribed liquid medications, medical supplies, and nutrition drinks, then you may be allowed to bring these items onboard. However, these items will undergo an extra security check. If X-rays can harm these items, ask them to screen the medical items visually. Do not keep prescription medications in checked baggage.

Keep Laptops And Cameras Ready For Screening

Prepare to have your laptop and camera screened at the airport security checkpoints. Unless you have a TSA PreCheck tag, you will be asked to bring out your laptop from its casing. Note that undeveloped films will be damaged by X-rays, so request for it to be manually screened.

Other Airport Guidelines

  • You’ll need to remove your coats and shoes.
  • If you’re putting on head coverings, there’s no need to remove. If you’re asked to remove your covering, ask to be screened in a private area.
  • You may need to show your ID, so keep any of your IDs at hand.
  • You need to empty out your pockets at checkpoints.
  • You may need to take your belt off.


Going through an airport security checkpoint may seem tedious and time-consuming, however the check guarantees security. To go hassle-free at the checkpoints, some guidelines need to be followed. Hence, we discuss airport security check guidelines.

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