All About Car Rentals From The Airport Terminals

ohare airport terminals

The airport terminals of OHare Airport in Essex are quite unique in the United Kingdom. From the outside, it appears to be like any other airport terminal, with the concourses seating about twelve to forty people each. However, once you enter the terminal you will find a completely different scene. There are escalators leading up to the different floors of the terminal and there is a glass elevator that takes you to the various floors of the building. These escalators are not the regular type of escalators you see at many airports, but they are a special breed.

Wide Concourses

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You will notice first of all that the concourses are wide and there is plenty of room for you to move about. When you enter the terminal you will be greeted by a member of the car rental office. They will lead you to the terminal that you can choose to go through. If you are using the terminal for car hire you will need to show your identification and then you will be given a car number. The car hire company will then send a car to you. As you can imagine there are a lot of cars to choose from as you might need a vehicle for your entire trip or just part of it.

Security Checks

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All passengers are subject to security checks before they are allowed to board the aircraft and you can expect to be screened and inspected for any harmful disease or condition. Anyone who has a medical condition that would make them unsafe to drive should consult with their physician before attempting to rent a car from the airport. This is especially true if they have been in an accident or receive a traffic ticket since driving is such an important part of being a good driver.

Car Rental Companies

Most car rental companies offer great deals at this airport because of the high traffic and long distance travel. There are lots of cars to choose from and you may need more than one to get around quickly. There is nothing more inconvenient than waiting in line to rent a car when you are running late. It is nice to have the option to call the company and speak to a representative before you make a reservation.

Picking Up The Car

Another advantage to using an airport car rental service is that they usually pick up your car in the driveway or inside your building. This eliminates the hassle of having to deal with the long line at the entrance of the airport. The company can then put it in the care of a locksmith that works at the terminal. This helps you to avoid having to walk through the airport and stand in line to rent a car. Instead, you get in your car with minimal lines and can easily go to your destination.


Car rentals are one of the best ways to avoid driving yourself and being anxious about your destination. This can all be done while you are at your home or office. Many people rent cars at the airport to avoid the headache they may have otherwise caused. This is also a good way to park when you are heading to another city.

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