All About The Best Western Airline Inn

best western airport inn

Situated right in Phoenix Best Western Airport Inn also is within a short drive of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and offers a sauna, an outdoor heated pool and a privacy-aisle Jacuzzi. Guest room types at Best Western Airport Inn vary. From single, bedroom, two-bedroom houses to spectacular, full-service suites complete with kitchen, fireplaces and entertainment centers, there are lots of choices. The Inn’s large and cozy rooms have been designed for comfortable nights and days spent flying. Guest rooms can be decorated in the latest styles. If you prefer fine dining or movie nights, the restaurant at Best Western Airport Inn serves international cuisine.

Outside The Front Office

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Outside the front office, the front desk has coffee, orange juice, tea and other hot beverages waiting for you as you check in. On the counter, you will find a full-service check-in counter with an attached Front Desk, making it easy for you to get the information you need while waiting for your flight. The airport best western airport also offers a spacious corporate office that serves as a reception area as well. There are a 24 hour front desk as well as an online reservation service.

In addition to the front desk, there are personalized service and concierge services that allow you to have a comfortable stay while awaiting your flight. You will find several restaurants on the premises that offer great meals, specialty cocktails and wine, local music and live entertainment. There are also fitness centers, laundry and business services that offer convenient and quick access to all of your needs.

Pampered By Fully Equipped Guest Rooms

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Guests staying at Best Western Airline Inn are treated to outstanding customer service and are pampered by fully equipped guest rooms. They have a modern, relaxed atmosphere with private balconies and fireplaces. There are over two hundred and fifty-five rooms in the hotel. All of the guest rooms have been completely remodeled including the bathrooms, fireplaces and entry ways. All of the guest rooms boast fantastic views of the town or city and offer exceptional convenience.

The hotel offers convenient conference rooms and business meeting space. There are separate meeting rooms and spaces designed for small to medium sized businesses. Business professionals can utilize these spaces to hold high-scale conferences or business meetings while on the run. Businessmen and women visiting from out of town can use the guesthouse to conduct meetings and training sessions that help them grow their businesses.

Meet And Conduct Meetings Or Work

The Best Western Airline Inn offers a large business center where you can meet and conduct meetings or work. This section of the Inn is perfect for conducting seminars and training sessions because it is equipped with a conference room and office area. There are two business centers located on the property that offer business space for those that need additional work space. Businessmen can utilize these areas to hold board meetings or employee seminars.

Summing Up

The Best Western Airline Inn is a perfect choice for business travelers and weekend vacationers alike. This air base hotel has everything that makes for a great stay, as well as convenient access to the best parts of the city. When considering your next vacation or business trip, you should take a look at the Best Western Airline Inn to help you plan your next trip to Idaho.

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