All Things To Know About Sacramento Airport Terminals

Sacramento Airport Terminals

The Sacramento airport is situated in Sacramento County, California, United States. The airport is run by the Sacramento County airport system. Sacramento is a well-known airport and offers all the facilities of an international airport. The airport has two terminals and is clean and tidy. The airport was opened in 1961 and since then it has been the medium for many transportations.

Facilities of The Airport

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The airport is covered over 6000 acres of land and has two parallel runways. The airport uses solar power and the solar array was commissioned in 2018. The airport is planning to extend the area so that it becomes more convenient for users. The security procedures of the airport were drastically changed after the September 11 attack and now all the doors are strictly closed for any dangers or attacks.

The Terminals of The Airport

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The airport has two terminals Terminal A and Terminal B with 32 gates. 19 gates in Terminal B and 13 in Terminal A. All the indoor public places inside the airport have free wifi systems and are really convenient for passengers to access the internet. The terminals of the airport are beautifully designed and are spacious. It is a great feeling for passengers to walk through these terminals and explore the various stuff.

The Expansion Project For The Airport

In 2006, plans were made to rebuild Terminal B. The airport is the largest capital improvement project in the history of the county of Sacramento. There are many features inside the terminals to make it convenient for passengers and give them the best feeling. Fast food restaurants and statues are all part of the airport and one will find almost everything at ease.

Reaching To The Airport

Reaching the Sacramento airport is easy and simple. There are road and public transport facilities available. The rail system is also available for you to choose from. All this makes the airport really nice to reach and there is a matter of confusion or doubt. There are clear exit boards and measures to keep one well instructed about where to go. Even if you are visiting the airport for the first time, it is really easy to navigate.

Sacramento Airport Terminal Facilities

As mentioned Sacramento airport has many facilities to offer. ATMs are placed in different parts to transact money and there are also restaurants inside. Various shops are available to have a shopping trip at your convenience. Lost property service is available if you have lost any of your luggage and valuables. One will also get emergency medical services by dialing a simple number.


Sacramento airport is one of the best airports in America and has been offering excellent services to passengers. The airport has two terminals and many facilities inside the terminals to make it easy for the passengers.

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