All You Must Know About About Narita Airport Terminal Before Visiting Japan

narita airport terminals

Narita airport terminal is often recognized as the gateway to Japan due to numerous daily basis flights arriving and departing, making it a significant landmark for people worldwide entering Japan.

Narita airport terminal is located somewhat far from the center of the central city of Tokyo. As time passed, the Narita airport terminal increased its different transport systems to the center of Tokyo by using fast train networks and speedy bus services. This airport comes with world-class infrastructure with three massive sized terminals to accommodate an enormous number of daily bases passengers.

Narita Airport Terminal-1

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Narita Airport Terminal 1 is among the three terminals whose main characteristic is to separate the north wing and the south wing. This terminal looks very elegant from the inside. It provides you high-speed connectivity to Tokyo’s central city with the help of its high-speed rail and bus network, which will drop you to the center of Tokyo in the lesser time you have expected.

A visitor service center will help you with booking hotels or tickets for the theme park. You can also get a SIM card and rental WIFI inside the terminal.

Narita Airport Terminal-2

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Narita airport terminal 2 is the main terminal of the airport mainly used for international flights. The terminal-2 seems to look like a beautiful long corridor, and it has split into Zone A and Zone B.

This terminal provides you assurance of getting into the center of Tokyo’s main town at the lowest possible time. With the help of its well-connected high-speed rail and bus network, the b zone helps connect the passenger to terminal 3; you can also buy a SIM card to assess the network all over Japan from the Narita airport terminal itself.

Narita Airport Terminal-3

Narita airport terminal 3 is mainly focused on one low-cost carrier and domestic flights. It is the smallest terminal among the Narita airport terminal.

Unlike other terminals, this terminal has a straightforward structure due to its cost-efficient service and a low number of daily travelers. This terminal gives you excess SIM card buying or lending WIFI, and Narita airport terminal 3 does not have any train connection to any other part of the city. Still, it offers you a high-speed bus service to react to your destination in significantly less time.


Narita airport terminal is among the busiest and most important airport in Japan. This airport provides a rapid and efficient service to its passengers. Narita airport terminals set an excellent example of maintaining the airport at international standards.

This airport has currency exchange counters and SIM card buying counters that make passengers match with international standards. This airport comes with a stunning infrastructure with three terminals capable of handling many passengers in a very convenient manner. The airport’s fast transport connection with the central part of Tokyo makes it very helpful for travelers to save their precious time.

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