Best Airport in the World – How Did it Get the Best Place on a List of the Worlds Most Popular Airports

best airport in the world

Cape Town International Airport (CDZA) is actually among the busiest airports in all over the world because it is just the second busiest in South Africa as well as the third busiest worldwide. It has international and national flights. It was the former headquarters of the Civil Aviation Authority of South Africa. This airport also has over 10 million passengers every year and almost 93,000 aircraft movements.

The Runway Of CDZA

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The runway of CDZA is actually one of the longest and busiest airports of the world with about sixteen miles of the runway. It also has the highest number of daily departures. It ranks first among the busiest airports worldwide in terms of total volume of flights carried out. However, when it comes to the lists of the fastest growing airports in the world, it is just behind London Heathrow and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

In terms of land traffic, it is actually the third busiest airport in the whole world. It handles more than thirteen million passengers every year. It has served the different countries of the world, especially now that it is served by the world’s busiest airline – Delta Airlines. The city is also popular for many sports events like the 2021 FIFA World Cup. All these make it one of the best airports in South Africa as far as tourism is concerned.

Only Have Three Terminal

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Another interesting fact about this airport is that despite being the third busiest airport, it has only three terminals. These terminals are not really big in size. In fact, it only has three Terminals which are extremely small. This, however, does not disappoint because it caters to the maximum number of passengers possible with the limited number of terminals.

There are three terminals at this international airport, and they are located on different sides of the building. From the south, the building rises straight up until it reaches thermal. It then turns left and moves towards the north. This is the most interesting fact about the airport because it clearly indicates the huge amount of space that is available in such a short area.

Know About The Third Terminal

The third terminal is a luxurious terminal which is even considered as an upgraded one. It has around seven million square feet of space which can be considered as a luxurious facility. This luxury facility includes a first class lounge, a spacious business center, a conference room, a restaurant, a luxury service counter, a service desk, a baggage carousel, and a terminal two, which house the departure and arrival lounge. This impressive ranking of having such a plush facility at the airport has made it a popular choice with many passengers travelling from cities in the West Indies and Africa, as well as from London to the rest of the world.


Therefore, the Dubai karshi airport has retained its rank in all the rankings despite all these factors. This is mainly because of the wide range of services which it offers. It has a lot to offer to tourists, businessmen, and even people who are travelling for a holiday or for an official trip. The best thing about it is that it has been able to keep its ranking despite the introduction of advanced facilities in the area. The only reason why it dropped down to a lower spot is due to the competition that a few other airports have faced.

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