Best Western Airport – Why Does It Perform Such Greatly at the Airport

best western airport execute

The Best Western Airport in Las Vegas is located on Sunset Boulevard. This is a good place for travelers to get to know the city of Las Vegas. The airport is about 3 miles from the hotel and there are lots of free parking spaces available near the airport. There are several hotels in the area as well, which gives you even more choices when it comes to where to stay.

You can take any of the bus routes that are provided by the Best Western airport. There are also taxis that stop at the airport for travelers. There is even a bus that will take you to your hotel.

When you arrive at the airport, you can just walk right up to the terminal and jump on the airplane. When you arrive, you just have to enter the security checkpoint. This is usually located on the short-line level of the parking lot. The security checkpoint will count your bags and then let you proceed with your flight.

Best Western Airport Execute

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In addition to boarding, you will also have to check-in. This process differs depending on the flight that you are flying on. There is a bag limit for checking in, so you should consider that before boarding. There are also lanes for you to pay your fares. This is a good feature, especially if you are traveling with family or friends.

As you check-in, you will probably be patted down and given a room. Once you have had a chance to look around, you can start shopping. There is a large shopping center right next to the arrivals area. This allows you to browse through a number of different stores. There are many different items for sale, including designer clothing and jewelry. There are also some great department stores within walking distance.

Inside the terminal, you will see two types of ticket counters. There is a regular counter and a concession stand counter. The regular counter is staffed by ticket agents. These agents will help you locate your flight and will also help you buy your ticket. They are not working at all times though, so it pays to check in advance.

Concession tickets are great. They are much cheaper than the regular prices, which makes them perfect for anyone that is on a budget. However, they are not available on every flight. If you want to go to Las Vegas for your vacation but don’t have tickets to get on a flight, then this is the perfect option.

A Much Ado

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The best part about traveling through the Best Western Airport is that it is the only airport that serves all of the Las Vegas Strip’s hotels. This means that you do not need to transfer from another hotel to get to the airport. Instead, you can simply walk to the front of the line and wait for your flight to take off.

Another good reason to stay at the Best Western is the packages they offer. For example, they will include breakfast, movies, and more for free. Of course, you will have to bring your own snacks and drinks. Other packages include savings at the casinos as well. All of these things can add up to substantial savings.

There are also lots of activities that you can take part in while you are here. There are plenty of sporting events for you to be a part of. They have several golf courses, including one that is 18-hole, as well as two tennis courts. The Rodeo Center is also right down the street from the airport. It is a great place for the family to go to see shows. You should not miss out on this chance to take in some great shows at the best Hollywood Strip Showcase in Las Vegas.

Final Words

There are tons of shows that you can choose from to entertain yourself. Theater performances and comedy shows are available on a nightly basis. There are also numerous dining options that you can take advantage of when you are at the airport. Best Western offers a wide variety of dining experiences for you to enjoy while here.

Overall, Best Western Las Vegas offers the best customer service when it comes to the reservations they make. The packages that they offer are also fantastic. You will feel comfortable right from the start while you are here, and you will get the best deals on everything from plane tickets to hotel stays. You will also want to make sure that you take a bit of time to check out the shopping mall when you get a chance.

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