Bradley International Airport – Connecticut

bradley international airport

It is the second busiest airport in New England serving both commercial air traffic and freight traffic. It is served by two air carriers – Continental Airlines and United Airlines. It is also the headquarters of American Airline, Continental Airlines, US Airways and Union Airways. It is located in the city of Windsor, Connecticut, which is in New Windsor, CT.

Connected With Major Cities

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The airports of Connecticut are well connected with other major cities of the state. There are direct flights from Boston to New York, Connecticut; New Jersey to New York, New Jersey; Rhode Island to Boston, Massachusetts and Connecticut to Rhode Island. Some nonstop services from New York to Connecticut are also available. There are flights from Newark, NJ to Boston, Massachusetts and New Jersey to New York City. Bradley International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the entire world.

It connects all the states of the United States through rail, road and water. It connects the cities of Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont with those of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio. People traveling between these various parts of the country can take advantage of the Bradley International Airport and connect at any point along the way. Today, many new hotels have also been built nearby including the Hotels in Windsor Locks.

The Airport Serves Flights In All Other Part Of United States

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The airport of Bradley International Airport serves flights coming from Boston, Massachusetts, Washington, D. C., Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and all other parts of the united states. People flying to New York, Newark and Massachusetts will land at the same place as passengers going to Boston, Connecticut and New York. If you are flying from Massachusetts, you can simply take a train from the train station at the Springfield stop and take it to Boston. You can also drive to the city. However, people who fly from New York to Rhode Island should take the ferry to the Providence stop on the Rhode Island Bridge, which connects the two states.

Airlines like Continental Airlines, US Airways, Air Canada and Quest Airlines operate flights to the Bradifford international airport serving customers from New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Ohio and New York. Some airlines even offer flight services to Canada. Opting for a discounted flight deal online can help you save a lot of money when you are on a business trip or vacation. When you are visiting the state of Massachusetts, you can contact the tourism agencies dealing in travel related matters and avail of the best deals available.

Many Hotels Located Near The Airport

When it comes to finding an accommodation, there are many hotels located in Bradenton international airport. Most hotels are situated around the airport area serving the local travelers. The rates offered by these hotels are very affordable and you can choose from a wide variety of rooms, suites and apartments. Some of the most popular hotels located near the airport are Holiday Inn Express, Doubletree Bradenton, The Village Inn & Suites, Courtyard by Marriott, Carlson Country Inn and others. The best part about staying in these hotels is that you can even buy tickets for your flights and get shuttle services from the airport to make the journey easy and convenient.

Summing Up

There are two major airlines operating from the airports of CT. They are Continental Airlines and United Airlines. You can contact them to book your ticket. To get the cheapest rates, you must book your flight either on weekends or on any holidays.

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