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With so many low cost carriers now servicing Miami, there is no excuse for you to delay your reservations for flights to Miami! With regular departures from most major cities, the vast majority of the city s international and domestic flights arrive at Miami International Airport (MED). This is the largest airport in South Florida, serving the entire south-eastern part of the state. There are direct flights to Miami from Canada, Mexico, Germany, Britain, France, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Taiwan and a multitude of other nations. Cheap flights to Miami are easily obtained if you know where to look and how to get the best deals.

Low Cost Carrier Tickets

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Low cost carrier tickets can be purchased online and the best rates can be found by comparing several online travel websites. The main international airport in Miami is Miami Beach and Miami is the gateway for vacation travelers to the Florida Keys. To reach Miami Beach from the Keys, a number of airlines offer direct flights, but you can also fly into the Miami International Airport and purchase your ticket directly from them. The Miami International Airport offers a more economical flight option for those who are traveling from a major city like Toronto or New York.

When searching for the best time to visit Miami Beach, it is advisable to determine the season and plan your vacation accordingly. The summer months are the height of tourist activity and the climate is pleasant and mild, especially during the months of June through September. The high end holidays that take place during the month of December will not be as crowded as they are in the other months, with many low cost airlines even having Christmas flights to Miami Beach.

Tropical Activity

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Winter does not bring as much tropical activity, but winter does bring some of the best time to visit Miami Beach and purchase plane tickets. January through March offers some of the most beautiful weather in the country and plane tickets are very affordable during this time. April and May offer slightly colder temperatures, which is ideal for spending a bit of time at the beach. June, July and August are considered overcast conditions and plane tickets for these months cost less than any other time of year.


Fall is the off-peak season in Miami and a great time to visit Miami Beach and purchase plane tickets cheaply. October to March is considered the peak month, but flights to Miami are still affordable throughout the year. Summer, however, is the high ticket season when plane tickets cost more than any other time of year. August to October is the low ticket season and plane tickets to Miami Beach cost the most during this time of year.

Last Words

The options for getting around Miami are not limited to just driving. There are plenty of rental car companies that offer low-cost flights to Miami. Rental car companies also offer flights to Miami if someone wants to travel with their car. If someone is traveling alone they may prefer to book a flight and then rent a car. It makes sense to save money when trying to plan a vacation and it is especially wise to do so when traveling with a large group of people. Anyone looking for cheap flights to Miami should look into rental car services before leaving on a trip.

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