Commuting Becomes Easy When You Find The Best Airport For Washington DC

best airport for washington dc

Most people who grew up in and around Washington DC are more or less familiar with three famous airports. However, deciding upon the best airport for Washington DC can be made easy depending on your location. Three of these airports have different flight availabilities and in-terminal amenities.

In other words, all three of these airports have varying pros and cons that you must consider. For instance, if one has better international routes, then the other has a suitable location. So, make sure that you read till the end to know about how to choose the best airport.

  1. Ronald Reagan National Airport

In case you stay somewhere in the heart of Washington DC or even in Arlington, then the Ronald National Airport will be your best choice. The airport is also known as DCA Airport and is situated about 4 miles from downtown Washington. Interestingly, it is not as busy as the other two airports. 

Coming to flight availability, the airport has non-stop flights to 97 destinations. Rest, the airport is small and easy to navigate. Also, you can easily access the place with any public transit.

  1. Washington Dulles Airport
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The Washington Dulles Airport is also the best airport for Washington DC for multiple reasons. Firstly, it’s situated in Dulles, Virginia, i.e. 26 miles from Washington. Around 38 million passengers traverse through the airport’s halls every day.

For any international travel, this should be your best option because the airport offers 57 non-stop flights to South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. If you are a first-timer, then the security shuttles can become confusing to you. But, you will get used to it. 

  1. Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Commonly known as BWI, this airport is located to the south of Baltimore. It’s about 40 miles from downtown Washington. Many claims that you get lower prices at this airport than in Dulles or Ronald Reagan and that’s true.   

Well, that’s what makes it the best airport for washington dc. However, BWI has very limited international service. Also, the airport is quite far from the city. Rest, BWI is very reasonable to travel on a friendly budget.

How To Choose Among The Best?

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It’s quite simple actually. You just have to know where you will be travelling. If Reagan is the nearest to Washington DC, then Dulles is the best option for international travel. Lastly, if you are on a tight budget, then simply go for BWI although it is quite far from Washington DC. 

Bottom Lines

At this point, picking the best airport for Washington DC could be more than a dilemma. What most people do is choose between the three airports based on their travelling plans. In short, it’s all about whether you plan your trip to Washington or its surrounding area.

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