Complete Guide for Logan Airport Terminals

Logan Airport Terminals


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Boston Logan Airport

The Logan Airport is located about 4 miles from the center of Boston city and it is one of the busiest airports in the country.  Around ten million travelers visit the place every year.  The airport connects Delta Airlines and JetBlue flights and in the recent past, Logan had many renovations at the terminals and surrounding roadways.   The airport has various restaurants, shops, and amenities that cater to every need of the travelers.     

Logan Airport Terminals

Currently, Logan’s four terminals are in operation: A, B, C, and E. At terminal A, there are Delta, SouthWest, and WestJet Airline portals, while at terminal B, you will find American Airlines, United Airlines, Penair Airlines, and Air Canada portals.  There are walkways for terminals B, C, and E. At the outlets of terminal a traveller can have access to these Airlines:  JetBlue Airways, Aer Lingus, TAP Air. Portugal, Alaska, Virgin America, Cape Air, and Sun Country. These are all the parts of Logan Airport Terminals.

Shuttle buses are made available to reach every terminal, these buses run for 24 hours, and they have wheelchair lifts.  While terminal C is the busiest, terminal E is used exclusively for international flights of about 30 types. US Customs and Immigration facilities are available at terminal E. Detail maps of each terminal are available at Logan Airport. 

Parking at Logan Airport

A car parked on the side of a building

Onsite, as well as Offsite Parking Facilities are available at the Logan Airport.  There is central parking and an economy parking facility.  The parking rates can be $35 a day. The offsite parking area at a distance of 10 minutes, and the parking rates can be $28 a day.

For the convenience of busy travelers, there is a facility to park, shuttle, and fly. With this facility, a traveler can avoid hassles in the parking and, at the same time, ensure the safety of his car.  This is the facility available at Logan Airport Terminals.

It can be comfortable for a traveler to arrive two hours before the departure time, though the lineup period can be 15 minutes.  The security staff checks for adults’ valid government ID, while only a gate passes for children.  To speed up time in the security line, smart packing of luggage is essential.  Proper layering of your wearable clothes, keeping mobile phones and keys in carry-on bags, and keeping photo ID card and gate pass handy—these are some of the pre-requisites.      

If you are stuck up waiting for a flight, the airport offers a wide range of choices to productively utilize your time.  There are various shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, children amusement areas, a hot shower facility, a wi-fi, ATM center, and cozy waiting lounges to relax–the facility at Logan Airport Terminals.

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