Denver International Airport Consistently Considers Security and Safety

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Denver International Airport, otherwise called by its locals DIA, is a major international airport in the Western United States and is Denver’s main airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the country with over thirteen million passengers who pass through its terminals yearly. Most people familiar with air travel in the United States will find that Denver is in the Denver International Airport (DIA). Other popular airports that serve Denver would be the Denver International Airport in Loveland, Colorado; the Fort Collins International Airport in Colorado; and the Mesa International Airport in Arizona. In addition to those three major airports, Denver has three others which are located outside the city: Airport Park, Denver International Airport and Pikes Peak Airport.

Part Of Denver’s Rocky Mountains Area

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The DIA is actually a part of Denver’s Rocky Mountains area, which is in northern Colorado. Today it is one of the busiest airports in the state with over twelve million passengers who pass through its facilities yearly. When you are flying into Denver International Airport you will first arrive at Denver International Airport (DIA), which is a part of the Denver Metropolitan Area Airports Authority (DMAA). From here you have many transportation options including taxis, shuttles, rental cars, cabs, and car rentals, and of course, the Denver Airport Transportation Authority (DCTA).

Not Difficult To Navigate 

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As you begin your journey into Denver from the airport, you will notice that it is not difficult to navigate through the streets and get to where you want to go. The airport itself is a highly functional part of the metro-plex, with hundreds of flights arriving and going on a daily basis. The Denver International Airport is served by three different air carriers namely Continental Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines. Other smaller charter flights also land at the Denver Airport on a regular basis. If you are traveling from out of town then it may be a good idea to look into and out of town shuttle to and from the airport so that you can get to and from the Rocky Mountains.

Functions As A Single Airport

The major Denver International Airport functions as a single airport but actually serves several different districts with various levels of service. You can get to and from the airport by either catching a flight going to Denver or an airport shuttle that travels around the metro-plex in a continuous loop. There is a huge concourse where travelers can sit down for hours on end while being pampered by a staff that is waiting to accommodate them. If you have chosen to catch a flight going to Denver from New York then you can hop onto either a flight that goes to Denver from New York or a direct flight that goes to Denver. Many airlines offer economy class seating right next to First Class seats on their flights going to or from the Rocky Mountains.

Summing Up

Another great option that is offered by the Denver International Airport is the Ride App. This is a free mobile application that allows travelers to find the best rides to take them around the airport. Some of the more popular services include the Best Denver Airport Limousine, which offers customers a limousine ride from the airport to almost any of the popular Denver hotels. Another great service is the Denver Airport Shuttle, which allows customers to book a ride through the airport shuttle bus and then return back to the terminal for their ride. If you are interested in either of these great options, you can simply download the free ride app for iPhone or Android devices from the Apple iTunes or Google Play app today.

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