Everything You Need To Know About The Houston George Bush International Airport

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The Houston George Bush International Airport serves the Houston city and its environs. It is located 37 kms North of Downtown Houston. The airport covers both domestic and international destinations and annually serves 16.6 million passengers. 

History Of The Houston George Bush International Airport

The Houston George Bush International Airport was first purchased in 1957. In the year 1965 the airport area was taken under annexation which resulted to gain a lot of area for the airport. The opening took place in 1969 and after the death of the 41st United States President, the airport was named after him. There was a demand for the expansion due to increase in passengers population which resulted in a third terminal opening in 1981 followed by which other terminals had been opened. The maintenance of the airport was constructed in 1990. In 2014 the airlines from the Emirates had announced and operation for the Airbus A380 at the airport. The airport has expanded over the years and covers flights to great number of the nations across the world. The airport administration aims to make it the best flight provider

Awards And Accolades

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The airport has excellent flight operations and is recognised globally. It has been awarded as the top 10 fastest growing airport in the United States by the United States department of transportation in the year 2009. In the year 2011 it was awarded as the tenth busiest airports servicing many passengers in the Northern America. In 2013 it was recognised as the 28th busiest airport worldwide in terms of passenger traffic.

Routes And Destinations

Houston airport covers 180 destinations worldwide. The airport serves both international and domestic destinations. On international level the busiest routes from Houston are to London, Frankfurt, Mexico, Calgary and Cancun. On the domestic level the busiest routes covered are Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver.

Rules To Check In At The Airport 

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You must keep these things in mind while checking in at the Houston George Bush International Airport

  1. When you visit the airport check desk to book for flights and reservations, make sure you have the required documents. Carry your passport and tickets along with at the check desk.
  2. You must report earlier prior to the flight departure.
  3. Do not carry any on unrequired or barred items. You should check the goods very well before the flight takes off from your end.
  4. You have to carry a boarding card and seat reservation tickets.

Baggage Allowance

Before taking of, individuals need to check their baggage at the airport. There is a limit on baggage weight. Extra baggage requires extra charge to be paid.

Booking Fee

The booking process is quite easy and you can get help from the airport staff. Charges depend upon the airline you choose, the destination you take and the class you are travelling in. You can also book your tickets online which is very convenient process and also the discounts are available for passengers make online reservations. 

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