Facts About Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

heathrow airport terminals 5

Heathrow Airport used to be known as London Airport is a prominent international airport in London. In 2019, it received the title of the second-most busiest airport in the world. But some of its operations slowed down due to a worldwide pandemic and lockdown. In 2020, the airport minimized its services so it temporarily closed terminal 3 as well as 4. Most of the operations were shifted to terminal 2 then later terminal 5. Terminal 5 is also the biggest highlight of Heathrow Airport and here are things that make it outstanding.  

Global Hub Of British Airways And A Award-Winning Terminal 

Airport Terminal

This terminal has won awards due to its services, world-class structure, and facilities. Terminal 5 has been a global center of British Airways. Other airlines like American Airlines as well as Iberia also operate or use the terminal. However, before March 2012 only British Airways used to utilize it but after March 2012 Iberia’s operations likewise started. By July 2020, American Airlines also shifted to terminal 5 and that’s how this terminal became home to international airlines.

Structure Of Terminal 5

Airport Terminal

The terminal 5’s structure cost around £4.3 billion. This four-story building has a main building called Concourse A along with 2 satellite buildings known as Concourse B as well as Concourse C. Concourse A is spread around 300,000 square meters while Concourse B is smaller in size i.e. 60,000 square meters. These buildings are connected through a people transmit system. There are proposals for a Concourse D too. Furthermore, in 2014, terminal 5 received the title of the world’s best airport terminal by Skytrax which is a UK-based consultancy that rates airports along with airlines. 

Kinds Of Facilities Available At Terminal 5

The terminal has more than 100 stores, lounges, and restaurants. There are shops for clothing, beauty products, travel essentials, gadgets, bags, purses, jewelry, and so on. You can find brands like Chloe, Dior, Collection, Cartier, Burberry, Boots, and many more at terminal 5. Passengers can relax at lounges and this place is the residence of the flagship lounge called the Concorde Room of British Airways. There are 4 other excellent lounges too. There are also spa facilities at this terminal. Travelers don’t have to worry about staying as well. For visitors looking for great food, they get a choice to try out multiple restaurants. 


Here are interesting facts about Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. It cost around £4.3 billion to construct the terminal building. This terminal has won awards due to its services, world-class structure, and facilities. It’s a global hub for British Airways, American Airlines as well as Iberia. In terms of the building structure, the main building is Concourse A which is connected to Concourse B and C through a people transmit system. At Terminal 5, you can find stores, lounges, restaurants, spas, and hotels.

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