Facts About The Indianapolis International Airport

indianapolis international airport

The Indianapolis International Airport (IND) is located to the southwest of Indianapolis, just 16 minutes away from downtown. It is owned, as well as, operated by Indianapolis Airport Authority. It happens to be the biggest airport in all of Indianapolis, and occupies and area of about 7,700 acres.

This airport is also home to the hub of FedEx Express, which also happens to be the world’s second largest hub. Opened back in the year 1988, the airport has since been expanded several times to accommodate the ever increasing fleet of planes that keep coming in here, from several domestic destinations.

The Indianapolis International Airport (IND) is the world’s 22


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The airport was first built in the year 1931, to be used by the Air Force of the US Army. In 1962, this was acquired by (IAA) International Airport Authority, which comprised of a board of 8 members who were appointed by the Indianapolis’ mayor. After renovating it, the airport was officially named as Indianapolis International Airport, in 1976 before opening in 1988.

The very first passenger terminal of the airport was built at a whopping $150,000. However, the second terminal, built in the year, 1956 cost about $1.9 million.

This airport has constantly helped the entire city grow economically, and also in maintaining the economic stability. It has been serving not just Indianapolis, but also all the cities that were situated near it.

By the year 2013, there were 61 aircrafts based at this airport, which includes 11 aircrafts of single-engine, 18 aircrafts comprising multi engines, 3 helicopters, 1 military aircraft and 32 jets.


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There are a large number of airlines which operate from this very airport. They take the passengers to destinations all across the country. The airport sees about 7 million passengers use their services every single year. The airport of Indianapolis has 140 departures every day and these aircrafts fly to 34 destinations non-stop all through the United States, Mexico and Canada. This airport has just a single terminal which in turn has a couple of concourses named A and B.


The Indianapolis International Airport (IND) has been expanded and operated in such a manner as to provide the customers with maximum comfort. It has won several awards in the course of the time that it has existed. Some of the most important one are as follow:

–          ‘Best Airport in North America’ has been awarded to the Indianapolis International Airport 4 times, with the latest being in 2015 by ACI (Airports Council International).

–          It was awarded the ‘Best Overall Concession Program’ four times.

–          It was recognised as one of the world’s best airports.

–          It was recognised as the airport which has Best Overall Concession Management Team, Overall Concession Program and also Overall Concession Design.

–          It has won several other awards as well for Airport Service Quality.

Routes And Destinations

There are several passenger and cargo aircrafts which fly in and out of the Indianapolis International Airport (IND).

The Passenger Airlines include Air Canada Express, American Airlines, American eagle, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, US Airways Express, United Airlines, One Jet, Vacation Express and many more.

The Cargo Airlines include FedEx Express, Cargolux, Kalitta Air and FedEx Feeder.

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