First-Time Traveler – Follow Important Steps On Arriving At Austin International Airport

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Do you live in Austin? Or planning to go out of Austin? If yes, then here you check what things you should keep in mind, even consider after arriving at Austin international airport to have a good and relaxing journey.

International airport procedures are sometimes very stressful and long, especially if you are a first-time traveler. Guys, you need to understand the airport process step by step so that you can find your plane with ease and know what to do. 

Austin International Airport Process For First-Time Travelers-

1.Check-In Process

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For Austin international flights, reach 3 hours before departure time. 

Now it’s time to check in at the Austin International airport.

At the counter, you’ll-

  • Have scanned passport
  • Get baggage claim card and boarding passes 
  • Weigh bag 

Want to change planes and have booked flights on single tickets? Collect your next boarding pass from the ‘transfer desk’ of the airline and at the following airport!

After you complete the check-in process, follow the ‘Departure gates’ sign. 

Don’t forget to get your luggage back after completing the scanning process.

2. Go Through The Security Screening Process

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Security screenings are compulsory. This process includes putting your items in x-rays and trays to search for any prohibited or dangerous items. 

This Process Also Includes-

  • Remove belts, jackets, and all-metal items 
  • Empty pockets and drinking water bottle as well 
  • Put your documents into your bag 
  • Place your laptop in a separate tray 
  • Comply with random searches such as body x-rays, bag searches, and pat-downs.
  • Go through the metal detector.

*LAGs are gels, aerosols, & liquids restricted to 100grams/mL, which must be kept in one transparent re-sealable plastic bag. This involves hand sanitizers, deodorants, and creams. 

3. Border And Customers Protection Process

At customs, you will be recognized and reviewed by security personnel. For this process, you have to be prepared for inspection – you may be asked to provide certain documents like-

  • Your Current boarding pass 
  • Your Passport
  • Other relevant travel documents (if needed)

4. Find Gate 

Though your gate number will already be printed on your boarding pass, yet it is vital that you continuously check flight departure screens for updates. 

When finding the airport, the signs above will give directions to your gate like GATES 31-45 with a right arrow. With time to spare, get something to eat & drink.

But remember-

  • Always find gate first because the airport may be bigger 
  • Check flight monitors frequently 
  • Update clock to the local time zone 
  • Be at your gate for boarding time 
  • Ask airport staff for direction if required 

Boarding is the last process, where you are ready to take off!

5. Arrive In Style 

Ensure to fill out any important arrival forms, and have your visa ready. Follow the ‘BAGGAGE CLAIM’ sign and go through passport and customs control. 


When navigating international airports, stay calm, follow the rules and get ready and ask for any help if required. Now go and enjoy your journey!

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