Here Come New Ideas For Airport Terminals And Amenities

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You will find a number of different types of Fort Lauderdale Airport Terminals around the Fort Lauderdale International Airport area. Some are for business and others are for pleasure. Some are directly next to the main terminals, while others are within walking distance. As you travel to and from the airport you can enjoy all of the activities at the various terminals. They are all very clean, efficient, and convenient.

The approach road to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport is in the southern part of the city. From here you will take a left turn onto I-26 North. At the end of the road you will see three toll booths, a large asphalt pay place, and a large green ‘traffic circle’. To the immediate right of the traffic circle is the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport Terminals.

Different Terminals For Different Purposes

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To the immediate left of the traffic circle is the Fort Lauderdale International Airport Terminals which is to be found on Avenue E. Following this is the Van De Mello Park parking lot. This is a private parking lot, which has free access. From here, you will cross streets on Avenida Espinal de la Porte. Go past this to arrive at your destination.

The Fort Lauderdale International Airport has different terminals for different purposes. The main terminal is also known as Terminal E. Here you will find escalators and other various ways of getting from one floor to another. You can take a taxi to the first level or hop onto the shuttle bus service. The baggage loading and luggage collection areas are located on the second level of the terminal. This is where you will find the luggage shelves and ticketing counters.

The Pedestrian Walkway From The First Level

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To get to the pedestrian walkway from the first level, you will need to go up the elevators. The elevators are powered with electricity, so it is very safe to use. You will be greeted by a flight attendant who will direct you to your destination. The area is clean, so there will be no need for refreshments. There is an ATM, coffee machine, and a fast food restaurant on the lower level of the area.

The Van De Mello Park is a good place to park on the airport property. The Van De Mello Park offers plenty of great outdoor dining and shopping experiences. There are a supermarket, a pizza restaurant, and a bank inside the park. There are bathrooms, free parking, and even water and electric sockets within the park. There are also some playgrounds for children. This is a great place for you to spend some quality time with your family or friends.

Get To The Terminal By Taking The Light Rail System

You can get to the terminal by taking the light rail system. The Fort Lauderdale International Airport station is located in Broward County. It is a two-station stop that connects to the Miami International Airport and the nearby Broward County. There is lots of light rail transportation right in front of the terminals. It is faster than the shuttle buses that usually pick up travelers. You can even ride the train directly from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport to the hotel if you want to save money.


Once you get to your hotel, you should take the time to look around a little before you check in. Most of the hotels offer complimentary breakfast and welcome drinks upon your arrival. If you have a guest who needs help, you may want to offer them a little extra help with their luggage or if they need to use the bathroom. Some of the luxurious hotels even provide laundry services. All of these services can be offered to you for free as long as you stay with the same hotel for a period of at least 5 days.

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