Glacier International Airport – A Traveller’s Paradigm

glacier international airport

The airport is operated and owned by the Flathead Municipal Airport Authority, an independent public agency created by the city in 1974 for the benefit of the airport and its aviation community. Glacier International is one of the three airports that serve Glacier National Park.

The airport was designed to provide quick and efficient movement between cities and to connect transcontinental and intercontinental flights. Services provided at the airport include general aviation, charter flights, corporate and private jet services. The airline services are operated on a first come, first served basis. Regular airport services are also available from this airport.

The Major Services Provided

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Among the major services provided by Glacier International Airport are air flight tickets, rental cars, travel insurance, international mobile phone services, custom clearance paperwork, international courier services, and freight services. Some of the services listed above can also be availed by international travelers who land at the airport to reach their intended destinations. Passengers can select from a wide range of low cost airlines that fly to Glacier International Airport. Passengers can also choose to fly with scheduled air carrier providers or opt to fly with popular airlines that operate only scheduled routes.

There are a wide range of attractions located nearby the airport that make travelling to Glacier International Airport a pleasant experience. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed during a stay at the facility include fishing, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, golfing, mountain biking, kayaking, tennis, and more. A wide range of activities is available to suit everyone’s needs, including business and leisure travellers.

Bus Services Are Provided

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If you wish to explore the area around the Glacier International Airport, there are various options for you. Several bus services are provided to the airport, which allow travelers to reach their destinations conveniently. The journey takes less than half an hour, and there are a number of buses that can be found at the airport that provide you with excellent transport services. Travellers can hire taxis and car rentals from these service providers to make travelling to and from the airport easier.

For those travellers that need a little bit more flexibility when it comes to arriving and departing, there are options for them as well. It is possible to arrange pick up and drop off points from the airport that allows travellers to plan their journeys ahead of time. Travellers can book their tours online using a variety of travel services available at the airport. Some of these booking services are provided free of charge.

Bicycles Can Be Hired

Transportation around the Glacier International Airport can also be made simple using bicycles. Bicycles can be hired from a number of local bicycle rental companies in the area. These rental companies provide bicycles that meet all airport standards. They also offer riders special services including guided tours of the airport and advice on the best routes to take. All of these services are provided free of charge to travellers.

There are also a number of shops located within walking distance of the airport that provide local goods for travellers. These shops are open from Tuesday to Sunday. The travellers can select from a range of products. These include clothing and shoes. The shops also sell gifts and souvenirs that can be taken with you when you leave the area.

A Range Of Services And Facilities

Glacier International Airport also offers travellers access to a range of services and facilities. Travellers need only to check in and pay at the security checkpoint. Once at the terminal, travellers can enjoy the services offered. These services include check-in, boarding, luggage collection and delivery. Baggage checks are free of charge.

There is also a bus service that provides transportation to and from the airport. The buses are numbered and can be spotted from a distance. Travellers can obtain information about the bus schedule and rates from the bus desks. These services are operated by an Indian company called Golden Airways.


As well as being able to travel to Canada, clients of the company can also enter other countries. They can enter the country using land, air or sea. Land travel is possible at the International Airport of Canada, in Montreal, through bus services and railway trains. Air travel is possible from more places including Vancouver, British Columbia, to Toronto, Ontario. In fact, air travel between Canada and the United States is faster than road travel.

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