How Do I Say No, If I’m Pulling Aside By Airport Security?

Airport Security

Airports can be a scary place. Scary because you have no idea who’s coming in and out of the airport and frightening because you don’t know what’s going on. As an individual, you should know what to do if you get pulled aside by airport security. Here are the basic steps.

Airport Security

Steps You Should Know About Airport Security

Stay Calm

Your first priority is to remain calm. All kidding aside, you do not want to scare the personnel who are dealing with you. Being too loud will likely get you thrown off. Make sure that you stay calm and that you answer all their questions.

Follow The Basic Airport Security Policy

Following a basic policy is important. If you get pulled aside, you’ll want to answer any questions with “yes”. Anything that you say might be taken out of context and used against you. A good policy would be to say “yes”no” only when required.

Do Not Refuse Any Items That Are Being Searched By The Airport Security

You don’t want to have to hold up the screening process. Don’t give them the opportunity to seize control of the situation. They’re there to make sure you are not dangerous and to ensure that your trip is safe. Let them go through whatever they’re doing and just answer the questions they ask.

Safety Airport Security Cautions To Follow

Another question that often comes up in discussions about how do I say no if I’m pulled aside is, “Can I take my shoes off?” Once again, a very reasonable question. It’s a common protocol to make sure you take off your shoes before entering an airport. That’s what they’re trained to look for. It’s also a very normal thing to do.

Keep Your Belongings Organized

No matter how long you’re inside the airport terminal, keep your belongings organized. Always place them in a different place. Put clothing into a different drawer or put your passport into another compartment. This way, you can easily find them if you need to at a later time. Items should be kept away from the rest of your stuff.

Keep Your Phone Charged

Keeping your phone charged is also very important. You may not realize this, but keeping your phone charged can be hard. It can be difficult to avoid touching it as you try to manoeuvre your way through the terminal. Keep your phone on you and try to keep it charged. Even if you don’t take pictures, you still need to have it to contact someone if you get pulled aside.

Always Carry A Supply Of Cash And A Driver’s License

All airports need to be as secure as possible. That means that you should always carry a supply of cash and a driver’s license with you. Those documents are what the government uses to verify that you are who you say you are. Both are needed to show an agent if you’re asked many questions so that they can see that you are telling the truth.

Politely Answer All Their Questions

When you get pulled aside by airport security, there is nothing worse than not knowing how to answer some of the questions. It’s usually best to politely answer all their questions and to say “yes”no”. That way, you don’t end up feeling bad and there’s nothing that anyone can take out of context.

Clear Understanding Of The Protocols

Knowing how do I say no if I’m pulled aside by airport security and the situations that surround the process is extremely important. Understanding the need for what to do should you get pulled aside and the standard protocols of how to do those things is vital. Without any idea of what to do, you could wind up having to get permission to go through the screening process.


Whether you get pulled aside or not is completely up to the person doing the questioning. It’s their call. You should also know that it’s their prerogative to stop you from doing something you don’t want to do. if you don’t comply with their request.

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