How to Avoid Airport Security Rules

airport security rules

Airline security rules have improved over the years. The most recent rules are from November 2020 and require bags to have identification tags and larger size luggage that will be subjected to a metal detector. Baggage restrictions have been increased for certain airports in the United States. These rules were introduced by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Liquids and Gels. Airline security rules currently restrict liquids and gels from being brought into the cabin or checked baggage compartment; all liquids and gel are limited to 100ml, clear plastic bags having Ziploc-type closures. You may carry on liquids in some airports in sealed bottles, as long as you purchased them at an airport terminal before traveling. If you have not received any warning that your liquid is prohibited, you may bring them on board.

Carry on only. You must leave carry on bags at home, carryon luggage is only allowed in the cabin, and check-in luggage is only allowed in the baggage area. This also includes cosmetics and toiletries.

No Lighters or Fuel. Alcohol and fuel are strictly prohibited, carry a lighter or gas tank to travel, and use them on the plane if possible. Lighters and fuel can be very flammable and may cause an explosion.

Airport Security Rules

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Do Not Bring Loose Articles. Loose articles such as luggage and small handbags should always be packed and stowed when not in use. Loose items will not be noticed or retrieved upon reaching your destination and can lead to lost luggage. Remember that you may be asked to remove your handbag upon entering the terminal.

Jewelry and Watches are No Longer Permitted. Although jewelry can still be carried, watches are prohibited, watch bands must be removed prior to the check-in process, and jewelry such as bracelets or earrings should be removed if they are not part of your luggage. This rule may vary depending on the airline you are using; some airlines do not allow jewelry to be placed on a chain if you have taken a boarding pass.

Guns and/or Explosives. You can take your gun or explosive on board but must leave it in your car and keep it unloaded until you reach your destination. and follow these rules. You may also not store guns or explosives on board if you are flying with children because there is a chance that they will be misused.

A Much Ado

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Carry on as carry-on only. You may bring some items in your checked baggage, such as personal clothing, toiletries, and cosmetics, but all carry-on items must be packed and stowed in your checked luggage. Checked luggage is limited to two pieces, one piece per piece and one piece per person per piece, so you should limit how many articles you can carry.

Remove Luggage When Returning Home. After arriving at your destination and unpacking, you must remove your luggage from the car and place it in a large, clean, well lit, and safe place, away from direct sunlight.

Final Words

Do not overload your baggage with Items. If you do not feel comfortable carrying many small items in your handbag, you can choose to put several smaller pieces in a single bag or carry one large item, but make sure you follow the size rules. When you arrive at your destination, check all items, check your bags, and allow extra time for your bags to be loaded and unpack your baggage.

These are just a few of the many airport security rules that you should follow. Always remember to follow them in your travels so you will arrive at your destination in a timely fashion.

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