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The Edmonton International Airport is operated by Canadian Airlines, it’s located 14 nautical miles west of Downtown Edmonton in Leduc County along Highway 2 just off the Leduc County’s northwest boundary.

Edmonton International Airport was originally built as a local airport, serving Edmonton’s railway terminal. However, when the railway closed, the airport was able to upgrade its facilities and became an international terminal. It serves Edmonton’s main international airports: the Toronto Yorkdale and Edmonton International. It is one of only five commercial airports in Canada serving international airports of all three major airlines (Air Canada, WestJet and Trans-Canada).

Edmonton International Airport is very busy. According to statistics, over one hundred and forty-four million travelers pass through its gates in a year. Almost every traveler that passes through the airport is either a domestic or international passenger. Most airlines have terminals in the airport itself and there are also bus terminals and taxis near the terminal. Most international flights land at the airport, but some land at different airports such as Calgary and Vancouver, making a direct flight to Edmonton almost impossible for people without special accommodations, such as business or first class passengers.

Uses The Terminals Owned By CATA

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International airlines flying to Edmonton generally use the terminal buildings or the terminals owned by the Canadian Air Transport Association (CATA), the organization responsible for air traffic in Canada. CATA is a not-for-profit organization with an office in Edmonton. In addition, there are also other important airports such as Edmonton MacEwan University and Royal Bank Plaza. Many of the larger airlines also provide some services to the airport. These include air taxi services, hotels, rental cars, customs clearance and other items related to international flights.

International flights landing at Edmonton International Airport generally use the same terminals as domestic flights. The main international terminal includes the main arrivals area, which consists of several international departure gates. The international departure lounge contains a restaurant, a bar and a shopping center. Other sections include the baggage claim, a snack and souvenir area and international terminal buildings.

They Have Their Own Ticketing Desks

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International flights usually have their own ticketing desks, which can be reached by going to the main international terminal, as well as the domestic one. They usually operate the same hours as domestic flights. Most international flights also offer international call center services for international calls. Most domestic flights are open during the day, although some may close during weekends and holidays and public holidays.

Domestic and international flights to Edmonton have the same baggage allowance. They must be placed on the conveyor belt system, where they are picked up by a baggage carousel and carried to the baggage claim. For international calls, the callers are directed to the international call center and paid as they walk in. Most international calls are answered via a live operator who will connect the callers to their destination.

The airline has several terminals of its own in the airport that can be reached from the terminal. From the airport, you can take public transportation such as the Yellow Line to the East Edmonton LRT Station and to the downtown core.

There is one international flight servicing both sides of the Edmonton city. It is operated by Qantas. This aircraft is a Boeing 747-400, which seats over 300 people. The service is scheduled as follows: two-hour, two-way service to Vancouver; one hour, one-way service to Vancouver; one hour, two-way service to Calgary; and one hour, three-way service to Calgary.


There is a bus and train service for people who arrive at the airport. These services go to the terminal from the East Edmonton LRT Station. and downtown. These buses run every 15 minutes during business hours.

There is also an airport shuttle bus service, which goes directly from the international terminal to the terminal. and from this bus station to the airport’s parking lot. This is a regular service, which runs to the airport after the arrivals.

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