Logan Airport Terminals Jetblue Improvement You Need To Know

logan airport terminals jetblue

Jetblue is one of the leading airlines in the United States and has been flying to Logan International Airport for many years. This article will discuss some of the latest improvements being made by Jetblue at this airport.

Jets, especially long flights, are notorious for being notoriously dirty. Jetliners have been infamous for their awful service in the past as well. Now, Jetblue is making some pretty big improvements to ensure that passengers at Logan have a good experience while traveling here.

One major improvement has been made at Logan International Airport that you will not want to miss. In addition to its cleanliness, Jetblue is now providing an advanced baggage scanning system for passengers. This luggage scanning system works by letting the baggage scanner screen items remove them from the passenger’s luggage before it is loaded into the plane. This allows for a faster, more efficient luggage pickup process. This helps to cut down on lost luggage and will also help to ensure that your baggage does not get misplaced while on board.

Jetblue’s New Lounge: Logan Airport Terminals Jetblue

A plane sitting on top of a runway

Another major improvement at Logan airport has come about with Jetblue’s new lounge. The new lounge offers all sorts of different amenities. It is a fun place to hang out, especially if you have a beverage. There are also several games to choose from for those who are feeling energetic. The lounge also has a pool table and a shuffleboard table.

Another major feature that has been added to the new air carrier is the new airport parking. These are available at every terminal and are very easy to use. You can also pay online with a credit card or with cash.

Offering More Entertainment To Passengers: Logan Airport Terminals Jetblue

A large passenger jet sitting on top of a parking lot

Finally, the new Jetblue lounge is also set to offer more entertainment for passengers. There will be live music and DJs regularly. This is in addition to an electronic dance club and a variety of other activities. This is a huge improvement over the old lounge that was built when the airport first opened.

Jetblue has received some criticism in the past, especially from travelers and the press, for their poor customer service. However, in recent years, Jetblue has made several major improvements that have improved their service. Most travelers are pleased with the services that they receive at the airport.

Plenty Of Time To Plan

Jetblue will be serving its flights at Logan until the fall of 2020. This means that you should have plenty of time to plan your flight during this period. If you are flying during this time, you may want to make sure to check out these new improvements at this air carrier. If you are flying out of Logan in the future, you will probably be happy with the service you will get when you fly.

These new terminals are scheduled to open in the summer of 2020. Once they are completed, you should expect them to be very busy. Some travelers are saying that they are busier than they have ever been before.

Jetblue is also upgrading its customer service. Customers are going to be able to call a toll free customer service number. This will allow them to handle any questions that they may have about their tickets, reservations, or any other issues with their airline tickets.

Final Words

Jetblue is also planning on opening new terminals in Atlanta, Washington Dulles, Charlotte Douglas, and Chicago O’Hare. This will allow them to serve more than one city at a time. To keep their prices down, they are also looking to have a few branches within each of those airports.

One thing is for certain, though. As far as the service goes, Jetblue will be one of the best in the business. You will not find any better service than the one that they offer at Logan airport.

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