Let’s Explore The Dubai International Airport

Let’s Explore The Dubai International Airport

The Dubai International Airport (DXB) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a one-of-its-kind place that you would love to explore and learn about.

It has everything that makes an airport ideal for its passengers. Let’s have a look at the attributes of this prominent international airport:

Let’s Explore The Dubai International Airport
Let’s Explore The Dubai International Airport

The Sprawling Premises Of The Dubai International Airport

The giant building of DXB is spread over an extensive area of 3100 acres. The third terminal (terminal 3) of this airport is the second-largest building in the world by its ground space.

Apart from having the awe-inspiringly huge and elegant premises, the Dubai International Airport also offers the following facilities to its passengers:

  • A health club comprising a swimming pool, sauna/steam, jacuzzi, and games like billiards. All the passengers can avail of these facilities while waiting to board their respective flights.
  • A world-class spa that offers services like manicure, pedicure, facial, etc. to the passengers.
  • A Zen (Japanese rock) garden where the passengers can have a peaceful time. It’s like a home away from home.
  • Luxurious lounges and a five-star hotel offering the best of the best services to the passengers.

The Airport Plays An Important Role In Dubai’s Economy

Let’s Explore The Dubai International Airport
Let’s Explore The Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is one of the key players in the economic development of Dubai. The airport contributes more than USD 26.7 billion to the economy of Dubai. Following are some related figures:

  • Dubai International Airport employs more than 90K people.
  • It’s an indirect supporter of over 4 Lac jobs.
  • The airport’s total contribution represents 27 percent of Dubai’s whole economy.
  • It also represents 21 percent of Dubai’s employment.

Construction And Establishment Of The Dubai International Airport

The foundation stone of the airport was laid in 1959 on the behest of the then ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed. It became operational the very next year, i.e. 1960. However, the constructional progress did not seize there. The authorities started constructing a 9200-foot asphalt runway within the airport in 1963. It finally opened in 1965. Some of the construction or modification that took place later in the airport includes:

  • Erection of hangars.
  • Upgrading the equipment.
  • Installation of navigation aids.

Here Are Some Additional Details

  • DXB is situated in the Al Garhoud district of Dubai.
  • The ‘Emirates Airline’ has made its hub inside the Dubai International Airport.
  • This is comfortably the most spacious and commodious airline hub of the Middle East.
  • 51% of the total passenger traffic at Dubai International is tackled by Emirates.
  • DXB is the world’s busiest airport based on its international passenger traffic.
  • It is the fifth-busiest airport in the world taking the entire passenger traffic into account.
  • Dubai International is a great place for shoppers. It has endless duty-free zones as well as international boutiques.
  • DXB hosts more than 90 million passengers every year.
  • According to an official data of 2016, DXB schedules 7,700 flights every week. These flights operated by 140 airlines, covering 270 destinations across the world.
  • The third terminal of DXB is the largest airport terminal in the world.
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