Map of Los Angeles and Places to Visit

map of los angeles

Los Angeles is a city spreading its feet in the south of California. LA is famous for being the center of the film and television industry. It is known to have been deep in the filming business and a hotspot for shooting all the different genres of films. The place is spread across and has an approximate area of 1302 kilometers square. Being next to the great Pacific Ocean, it is also one of the most populous places in California after Newyork. When you look at the map of LA, the following places might interest you-

The Getty Center

Located in 1200 Getty Center Dr N Sepulveda Blvd & Getty Center, this is a hooking museum that is known to have an impressive collection such as Van Gogh and the architectural buildings with beautiful eye soothing gardens. The gardens are modern and green, full of art from all the different periods and perfect for both visits with family and friends.

The Griffith Observatory

This place experiences a crowd of over 1.5 million people in a year. The park covers over 4210 acres of land and is a great place for tourist attraction. The place was the vision of Colonel Griffith and he believed that it would be used by masses for entertainment and recreational purposes. He wanted to pay his debt to humanity by contributing towards the community though this.

Universal Studios Hollywood

100 Universal City Plaza is where the studio stands. It is a great theme part made solely for entertainment purposes and great if you are visiting with family or friends. There are a lot of kids shows and cartoons like shrek shows. You can also watch simpsons and sit on the rides. One of the most underrated places in the studio is the House of horror.

The wizarding World of Harry Potter

You can have a mind blowing journey to the land of Harry Potter. This one is smaller than that present in Orlando but it still is like one of the real incarnations of Hogwarts and hogsmeade. This is also located on the 100 Universal City Plaza. This is a great place to visit on the map of LA and an amazing place to spend your time even if you are not a harry potter fan.

The staple Center

This place is the hotspot for daily political and economical struggle. It is one of the most attractive and vibrant places in LA that attracts a lot of tourism. This place is famous for all kinds of entertainment activities and sports that it hosts.Even if you are not really looking for a great adventure, this place can hold you for hours. It serves tourists of all ages and mindsets.


The entire map of LA is full of outdoor and indoor adventure. There is something special for everyone ranging from an impromptu volleyball match to beach camping and even weekend getaways. You can always rely on watching the blue Pacific ocean.

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