Philadelphia Airport Terminals – The Best Terminal Guide For You

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Want to know in detail about Philadelphia Airport Terminals? And thinking of flying high through it?

PHL or the Philadelphia International Airport credits it to being the 20th busiest airport in the USA. Moreover, in 2018, it served around 31.7 million passengers.

Also, it is a prime hub or station for the seventh-largest cosmopolitan area in the USA.

In addition to this, PHL claims to be the fifth-largest hub of airlines for all American Airlines. These airlines coordinate and work with flights functioning from 3 out of 7 total terminals.

Also, it is a center of attraction for Frontier Airlines.

Philadelphia Airport Terminals

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PHL consists of mainly 7 terminals as mentioned earlier also and these are – A-West, A-East, B, C, D, E, and F.

Moreover, these 7 terminals are connected in a straight line. The reason behind it is so that these passengers can take a walk from Terminal A-West to Terminal F if passengers want to or need to.

Moreover, the Philadelphia airport is easily laid out as all these terminals are reachable from the road for drop-off or pick-up curbside.

Also, passengers can have access to ground transportation that encompasses the country’s SEPTA train stations.

Terminal A West: Philadelphia Airport Terminals

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Terminal A-West is one of the major international terminals in Philadelphia Airport Terminals. It is basically for the likes of American Airlines, British Airways, and Qatar Airways, but also manages a few domestic flights as well.

It is consists of 13 gates numbered A14-A26, located on the 2nd level. The baggage claim (level 1), and international arrival area (level 3) all levels are shared with A-East Terminal.

Similarly, A-West is having two checkpoints of security-

One on level 2 at the end of the ticket area, and a nice selection of restaurants and shops. Level 2 is having Centurion Lounge, Galleries Lounge, and British Airways, however, level 4 is consists of the American Airlines Admirals Club.

Terminal A-East

A-East Terminal is having a ticketing area of its own, a bridge to the SEPTA train station, and a parking garage. Domestic and International flights get operated from here itself. Also, it shares the baggage claim and arrival facilities with A-West Terminal.

Terminals B & C: Philadelphia Airport Terminals

For Terminals B & C, American Airlines is regarded as the sole occupant of international and domestic flights.

Terminal shares a baggage claim and ticketing area and have B & C concourses.

Terminal D

Flights throughout Canada and the U.S. get operated from Terminal D, having United Spirit, Air Canada, Delta, and Alaska. The ticketing area is situated on level 1 with baggage claim across the area of ground transportation.

Terminal E: Philadelphia Airport Terminals

JetBlue, Southwest, and Frontier get operated from E’s Terminal with 17 gates from E1-E7 numbering.

Similarly, the ticketing area is situated on level 1, having baggage claim across the area of ground transportation.

Conclusion On Philadelphia Airport Terminals

We hope that this guide on Philadelphia Airport Terminals must have simplified or erased your hassles for the terminals of this airport. 

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