Review Of Best Western Hotel, Miami Beach

best western miami airport

If you are looking for a luxury, convenient and safe place to stay while you are in the area or traveling to the area, then look no further than the Best Western Miami Airport. This hotel is conveniently located right next to the Miami International Airport. It is also one of the highly rated hotels in the Miami area. Here, you will receive excellent guest service, gourmet dining, access to a fitness center and much more. With all these amenities, staying at Best Western Miami Airport is sure to be a wonderful experience.

When you book your hotel room at Best Western Miami Airport, you will find that there are numerous perks available. For example, you can get a free bottle of champagne upon signing up for your room. Best Western also offers a wide range of amenities. These include:

Wellness Centers

A large commercial kitchen with stainless steel appliances

The majority of the guest rooms at the Best Western are well appointed and equipped with modern amenities. There are even televisions and microwave ovens included. In addition, the hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport as well as an in-house car valet service. Guests are also welcome to enjoy breakfast in their room complete with complimentary hot waffles and a cappuccino. There is also a valet shower in each of the guest rooms.

Onsite laundry

A woman talking on a cell phone

Best Western Miami Airport offers onsite laundry. This includes a washer and dryer located within walking distance of all of the guest rooms. Guests can use the facilities to wash and dry their towels as well as change their towels. There is also a washer and dryer located within the lobby. This allows guests to have their own personal towel to dry off in the morning.


Amenities include a mini-fridge that provides ice cream, milk and coffee for your guest’s convenience. Amenities include a mini-refrigerator that offers ice cream, milk and coffee for your guest’s convenience. Guests may also elect to have free hot beverages available upon request. Amenities include free hot beverages available upon request.

Swimming Pools

The hotel offers four swimming pools that are shallow and offer great enjoyment to the whole family. Guests can choose between the Deep Water Park and the shallow chlorine pool. Both pools have slides and bridges for added enjoyment.

Complimentary Continental Breakfast

The hotel offers a complimentary continental breakfast each morning. This offer is usually available from six: 00 a.m. until seven: 00 a.m. Most guests are given a complimentary meal upon arrival at the Best Western Miami Airport. This is a wonderful amenity and one that you should take full advantage of when staying at this hotel.

These are some of the many amenities and services that the Best Western Miami Airport has to offer its guests. You will find all the modern conveniences as well as the traditional comfort when you stay at this hotel. You will be able to travel with family and have great fun at the same time. A stay at Best Western Miami Airport gives you a chance to see all that this city has to offer and to enjoy the hospitality of the people who call Miami home.

Best Western Miami Airport

Best Western Miami Airport is committed to providing its guests with a quality stay experience, which includes a complimentary breakfast each morning. With all the modern amenities available, your stay can be a pleasant one and you’ll be able to take advantage of many different sporting events as well. You won’t have to worry about missing anything when you’re at the hotel.

The Best Western Miami Airport has four different restaurants that it offers. You will find all the dining options that you would expect at a hotel such as Best Western Suites by Wyndham Orlando Universal Studio Orlando, Best Western Premier Inn and Suites, Best Western Premier Inn and Executive Suites. You’ll also find a number of fine dining restaurants that offer a variety of Mediterranean dishes.

The hotel offers all-you-crave food choices and a number of restaurants and cafes that offer interesting American fare as well. You’ll have an array of delicious meals to select from during your stay, which are sure to make your stay memorable.

Nine Hundred Guestrooms

The Best Western Miami Airport offers over nine hundred guestrooms, which provide all of the comforts and amenities that you would expect from a full-service hotel. Each room is decorated in the finest detail and is equipped with a high-speed internet access and other modern-day conveniences.

The hotel offers over forty-two thousand square feet of space, which is perfect for any business or pleasure needs that you may have. You can choose to stay at one of their three resorts, the Best Western Lake Buena Vista, Best Western Extended Stay, the Best Western Fort Lauderdale or Best Western Hawthorn Suites. Each of these hotels offer convenient amenities that you’ll find will make your stay more enjoyable.

Final Words

The Best Western Miami Airport hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport and you can even request a taxi to pick you up if you prefer to drive yourself. You can make reservations at the Best Western Hawthorn Suites or the Best Western Fort Lauderdale, Lake Buena Vista or Best Western Fort Lauderdale resorts, to suit your specific needs and wants. You can eat at the hotel’s restaurant, if you so choose. Whatever you’re looking for on a vacation, this is a great choice for you.

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