Richmond International Airport Transportation

richmond international airport

The airport, officially called Virginia Arlington International Airport, is approximately 7 miles southwest of downtown Richmond, Virginia’s capital. The city is also one of the most populated places in the Eastern Shore of Virginia. This airport handles both civilian and military traffic.

Three Terminal Buildings

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There are three terminal buildings at this Richmond International Airport. The first terminal building, which was completed in 1970, is one of the busiest airports in the Eastern Seaboard region. This is the main commercial airport servicing the Washington, D.C. area and southern Virginia.

This Richmond International Airport serves international flights from Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, among many others. It is also the home of General Dynamics Land Station, which is the largest Department of Defense Land Station in the world. This international airport has direct flights to cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Miami. It is also a terminal of the Washington Dulles International Airport, which serves all U.S. cities with flights to and from Capital Region.

The second terminal is the major commercial airport of Richmond. It is the largest airport in the state of Virginia. It also serves international flights coming from Canada, Britain, Germany, Spain, among others. It is also home to major airlines American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, and PHL Airlines.

The third terminal is the terminal building. This is the last terminal building that connects the Richmond International Airport with other major airports in Virginia and Maryland. This is located in the middle of the airport. Other terminals are accessible from this terminal. From this terminal, one can access the other terminals by walking, riding, or car. The Richmond International Airport also serves a bus terminal that connects the bus to the different destinations in Virginia.

When traveling through the airport, it is advisable to use the airport shuttle buses. The buses offer easy transport for travelers who are looking to move around the different terminals. This is the easiest way to travel around the airport. If one is using the intercity bus service, one can find the routes on the internet. Yellow pages and the airport brochures can be used as a guide to reach the destinations conveniently.

Final Words

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Most of the buses that pick up passengers at the Richmond International Airport are operated by major bus companies. The buses do not charge any extra money upon arrival or exit. Hence, the travellers do not need to shell out any extra bucks. The travellers just need to sit in the seat and relax as the bus conductor makes his way across the airport and to their desired destinations.

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