San Diego International Airport Safety Measures You May Want To Know

san diego international airport

San Diego international airport, also known as Lindbergh Field, is owned by the San Diego county regional airport authority. It is an international airport that is 4.8 km northwest of downtown San Diego, California, United States. Mainly it serves domestic traffic, but it also has many international flight destinations in Germany, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Canada. As of January 2020, southwest airlines, delta airlines, Alaska airlines, united airlines, and American airlines are the top 5 carriers in San Diego. It is the busiest single-runway airport in the United States and the third busiest in the world. Listed below are some things that you might want to know about San Diego international airport.

Things To Know Before Flying Out Of San Diego International Airport

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Because many things have changed this year due to the ongoing pandemic, the way airports work has changed. So if you are flying out of San Diego international airport, check with the place you are traveling to so that you can clearly understand their travel restrictions. Some places require testing of the passenger, or some require quarantine upon arrival. Check if the airline you are traveling with has any special requirements on their website before the trip. Face covering is one of the most common things you might find in these requirements.

Things To Know While Being There

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San Diego international airport has some specific rules that are set by the Transportation Safety Administration. The rules include that travelers need to adjust their face covering for ID verification. Travelers can also demand TSA officers to change their gloves with each pat-down. Sanitizer up to twelve ounces is allowed per passenger, and for other liquids, we must follow the same rule. Travelers are advised to hold up their IDs and boarding pass and place them on the barcode reader themselves. Some San Diego international airport facilities might not be available. For example, the cell phone lot, long-term lot, and curbside valet is closed. Improvements that are being made

San Diego International Airport Connectivity

Connectivity is one of the significant issues related to the airport development plan for San Diego international airport. The airport authority needs to create a strong connection between the region’s transit system with its passengers. ADP is planning on an on-airport entry road that could remove 85% of the traffic per day. A dual-level roadway in front of the new terminal is being considered to separate arriving and departing traffic. A new parking plaza in front of the new terminal can replace surface parking lots and provide up to 5500 parking spaces.


San Diego international airport is a bustling airport, even amidst a pandemic that is why the authorities are always looking for more development. Safety measures have been improved in all the airports especially the ones catering to international flights. While the measures are applicable to all the airports, you might want to read the safety guidelines of the respective airport once again before you prepare yourself for a flight.

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