SFO Airport Terminals Map – Find What You Need

sfo airport terminals map

If you are planning a trip to Orlando, Florida, the SFO Airport is one of the main terminals in the city. This airport covers Orlando International Airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport and the Miami International Airport. If you are already located in the area you will find that this airport has lots to offer tourists as well as travelers who are heading for other states. In fact, more than eighty percent of the travelers who travel to Orlando arrive at the SFO.

An Overview


Before getting on an airplane to Orlando you must have a look at the SFO airport terminals map. This is a comprehensive guide about everything you need to know about the different terminals at the airport. The different maps are designed in such a way that they offer information about arrival and departure. You will also find out more about the various airlines operating between the airport and which of them service their flights from SFO.

The SFO has two international airports, one of which is the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. From this airport you can travel to all the cities of Florida, including to Miami. When you land at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, you need to pass through immigration. However, when you land at the Orange County Convention Center you can walk directly to your room. The SFO has three international airports, all of them serving passengers with different modes of transport – cars, buses or trains.

SFO Terminals

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You can use the SFO terminals map to plan your transportation from the airport to the hotels. The map gives you all the information you need including the direction of the airport, the bus station, the train station and also the taxi stand. When you arrive at the hotel you will also find out how much distance you will need to travel to get to your hotel. There are also taxis available from the hotels to take you to the airport.

You can also get a map of the area when you arrive in the airport. This will help you find out the car hire offices and also the taxi services. There are many car hire companies in the city and they can help you with finding a vehicle for your trip. If you are flying business class then you will find that there is an abundance of seating in the car.

Different Car Classes

However, there are different car classes available for your flight as well. First you have the business class, which is only suitable for passengers who have allocated seating in the front row. This also applies to the luxury coach which has extra facilities such as cupboard doors and toiletries. Next there is economy class, which is suitable for passengers who are travelling economy and who do not need the extra facilities provided by the luxury coach. You will also find that there are designated areas for children and babies to sleep comfortably.

The other services provided by the SFO are services such as baggage loading and unloading. As you will be arriving at an airport where there are different levels for carrying luggage, it is important to find the right car to drive from one point to another. You will also find that there are many car rental agencies in the area and they will gladly give you a helping hand when it comes to renting a car. Even if you are flying coach, you can still get a car to drive around the airport.


As with everything else in life, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with using the SFO. The good points include the number of services that they provide. You will not have a difficult time getting a taxi to pick you up from the airport as there is a separate line for taxis. You will also find that it is easy to travel around the city as the transportation around the area is well organized. There is also the problem of getting the right air fare as this can take quite some time but with SFO Airline it should not be a major problem.

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