The Facts And Details Regarding Cancun Airport Terminals

cancun airport terminals

The Cancun international airport is situated in Mexico and has 4 terminals. Simultaneous takeoffs in the runways are one of the facilities in the airport and are the first Mexican airport to have the facility. The airport is the best in Latin America and has the fifth position among the best airports in the world. Let us take a look at some of the details of the airport and the facts relating to it.

Cancun Airport Terminals

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The Cancun international airport has four terminals in it. The oldest terminal is terminal one and is used for private airplanes and freight. Terminal 2 is used for Mexico’s domestic flights and also for international flights and terminal three and four is only for international flights. All the four terminals are functioning properly and are well designed and structured to give the passengers a great experience.

Facts About Cancun International Airport

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There are some interesting facts about the Cancun international airport. The control tower in the airport which is more than 315 feet tall is the twentieth tallest in the world. In the last nine years, the airport almost invested $361 million dollars and now it has a 387,140 square feet terminal area. The airport is certainly one of the best in the world.

Rules In The Terminals

There are certain rules to be followed by passengers in all the terminals of the airport. Smoking is strictly prohibited in terminals one and two. One is not allowed to take photographs of any place of the terminals and other areas of the airport. Even Though in certain parts photography is allowed. Public intoxication is not allowed and they will escort you to security and you will have to wait.

Transport At The Terminals

Transportation facility is made available at each of the terminals. There are inter-terminal shuttle buses that run every twenty minutes to take passengers to the next terminal. The shuttle is free and one can make use of it without having to bother about payment. Taxis are not allowed to park in any of the terminals. The airport has a very good transport facility for passengers.

Cancun International Airport Terminal 4

Due to increased traffic in the airport, the authorities recently opened the fourth terminal. The terminal has everything needed for a great international airport. The terminal includes several services such as ATMs, information desk, flight information display, public telephone services, luggage protection services, food and beverage facilities, public toilets, duty-free stores, rental agencies, parking, transportation, etc.


Cancun International airport is one of the best airports in the world and has some beautiful and attractive features. The airport is clean and tidy and one will get everything needed for a great journey. The airport has four terminals and all the terminals are equipped with the best facilities.

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