Tips For Avoiding Bangkok Airport Security Checkpoints

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Recently there was an airline accident in Thailand that may have involved Bangkok Airport Security. An executive from Malaysia was arrested after he drove his vehicle onto the airport runway at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. The video has created many people confused, as the apparent flight delay that caused the accident is only in fact a few minutes long. The driver was seen perilously driving onto the airport runway in front of a Boeing 747, which had just landed minutes beforehand.

An Overview

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The head of Thailand’s Department of Transportation admitted that the delay was because the airport was being repaired. It is understandable that a large plane would need to be repaired for hours, but if the delay was caused by Bangkok Airport Security it is likely they would have done something about it before take-off. This raises questions as to why Bangkok airport security is lax when it comes to checking identification.

The first thing that anyone should see when approaching an aircraft is the ID. It is not just a piece of paper, but a piece of equipment that can tell you your name, address, and the purpose of your visit. Unfortunately, this is one of the things that Bangkok airport security employees do not bother to check. The Transportation Ministry website shows a list of approved identity documents. It includes passports and international driver’s license. Although these are accepted, it still doesn’t reveal a person’s true identity, which raises questions as to why security staff let this happen.

Avoiding Bangkok Airport Security Checkpoints

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Another issue with Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport security checkpoint is that it does not allow passengers to walk around the area with a bag. When an agent informs a passenger that they cannot bring a bag through security, many will simply not walk away. A person could simply wait at the departure lounge until they have a chance to go through the metal detector. This can take up to thirty minutes, especially if a person has to stand for so long.

A good rule of thumb to remember when traveling to Thailand is to always be careful where you leave the country. If you have planned on visiting Bangkok, Thailand, and your flight leave from this city, you must make sure that you do not leave any valuables behind. You may want to have your passport, but do not bring anything more important than that. This is especially true if you have valuable jewelry or cash.

One way to avoid being caught at the Bangkok airport security checkpoint is to call the airport directly. Many people who have traveled to Thailand in the past have found that the vast majority of establishments allow passengers to call them on the spot. If the airport is particularly busy, it is even possible to call an outline that will transfer you right over to the security team that is processing your flight. Once you are in the waiting area, you will likely be separated from your companion or travel partner, and you will need to wait until the security team has arrived.

When a person is called to the stage, it is best for them to remember that they are not to look directly at the people processing their bags. Although they may be instructed to look at the strip scanners, they are still required to turn their attention away from the metal detectors. If a person does not follow these directions, they can get themselves called to the holding area where the bags are processed. As long as they follow these instructions and do not glance at the metal detectors, they will most likely not be asked to remove their money belts. Although it is highly unlikely that the security personnel will ask them to remove their belts, most travelers find that they do not mind the money belt.

In The End

Once you have been called to the security checkpoint, you will be directed to place your money belt over the metal detector. There is a small bell that will go off once the belt passes through the scanner. When it does, a loud beep will sound and the machine will let you know that the belt has been detected. Usually, this is followed by two loud beeps, indicating that the bag has been found.

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