Tips To Avoid Traffic At The Two Busiest Airports In London

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Travelling to London by train, has often proved to be a frustrating experience for many passengers. The capital’s train stations are notoriously slow and overcrowded, and there are no wonder transfers to make when arriving or departing the city center. However, finding the best London airport hotels can actually help to improve this particular traveler’s travel experience. 

Waiting in queues can become extremely unpleasant for any customer, and it is far better to find an excellent London airport hotel which offers a reliable and comfortable guest experience. This is the main aim of selecting a premier London hotel, and if you want to ensure that you stay at the most excellent facility, you need to look for the following factors at all London hotel locations:

Passport Control

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Passport Control As passengers continue to stream through the various terminals at London’s airports, they will encounter a number of passport control operations. At some point during their travel, passengers will need to undergo passport control. Whilst many airports offer quick, efficient, and friendly lines, others leave you searching for directions and waiting in long queues. 

In order to avoid such queues, ensure that your choice of airport hotel includes an efficient and professional passport control process. Whether you are in a rush or simply want to move as quickly as possible, you will find that many of London’s airports offer a quick, efficient, customer-driven system.

Private Jet Airport Transfer

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If you are arriving in London with your family or friend, you will need to consider having a private jet airport transfer. There are a number of different private jet airport transfer companies operating from the best airports in the UK, and if you book your flight online, you can save yourself considerable time. 

Some of the best private jet airport transfer companies operate from Heathrow and London’s Gatwick Airports. However, if you are arriving by train, you should find that the trains offer a comfortable and convenient service to and from the airport.

Luton Airport 

If you are arriving at Luton Airport, one of the most important factors to consider will be the queuing times. You can avoid the queues altogether by taking the train, but if you are arriving by coach, you will need to ensure that you are at your destination on time. Even the best airports will be crowded at certain times of the day, so ensuring that you are not caught out by the increasingly busy traffic is essential. 

For those passengers who travel to Luton on a frequent basis, it is advisable to travel by coach so that you do not have to wait in the traffic jams. In addition to the queues, you might also find that you are given priority seating.

Train Service

Train Service One of the best ways to ensure that your journey is easy, comfortable and stress free is to take the train. Although train services are usually very crowded, especially in the mornings, there is no better way to see the sights and hear the words of the people around you than by using the train. 

However, with so much to occupy your mind and body, it is important that you take the time to enjoy your journey, not focus on the traffic jam next to you. By taking the time to read the station guide and learning about the many different routes available, you can prevent the customer experience from being made worse by the hustle and bustle of the trains.

Easier And Smoother Application

Passport Control Many people do not realise it, but the majority of airports in London Luton provide an easier and smoother application of passports than their British counterparts. It is therefore important that you follow the same procedure when processing your documents at the check-in counters as you would when checking in at the main airports.

Many airports across the UK still use the same old fashioned check in process that has been used for several years. However, recent changes have seen more queues forming at the passport control desks due to the extra security at these airports.

Heathrow And Gatwick

Heathrow and Gatwick The two airports that service London are both very busy, and as a result, they receive the worst queues of any airports in the UK. This combined with heavy demand on both airports can create problems for the customer, especially at peak times. 

These two airports are the busiest in the UK, and also rank as the two most frequently used airports in England and Wales. Despite this, it is no secret that travellers prefer to travel via Gatwick and Heathrow. By taking these airports into consideration, it is easy to see how queues at these airports can become longer, resulting in poor customer experience.

Final Words

 Many people travelling from the United Kingdom or from across Europe use the Gatwick and Luton airports in an attempt to reduce their journey times to London. However, many of these journeys are made along extremely busy roads and motorways that form part of the Gatwick and Luton local transport network. For this reason, the queues at these airports can be extremely busy. If you are travelling from one of these cities to London, you should ensure that you can avoid the long queues by travelling into the UK or from another country along busy motorways.

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