TSA Airport Security Details You Should Know Right Now

Tsa Airport Security

The TSA Airport Security has deeply modified and changed during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Travelers will have a whole new experience while traveling during the pandemic. In an airport, where the procedure and scanning and checking are always a little overwhelming, the changes might make it seem even more overwhelming now.

The Changes At TSA Airport Security

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The differences we are talking about will begin just as you enter the TSA airport. Usually, you will have to show your boarding pass to an employee right at the airport entrance. But now, you have to scan your boarding pass in a scanner before you enter the airport. This saves the workforce and makes the entrance very quick as it saves the long process of getting your boarding pass examined by an employee.

Now, at the TSA airport, the complete prohibition of liquids has been lifted, which allows you to carry up to 12 ounces of sanitizer. This hand sanitizer should be in your cabin luggage. Any other kind of fluid must be equal to or less than 3.4 ounces. Although not all liquids are allowed to travel with.

Basics About TSA Airport Security

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Before you travel, be sure you check the guidelines and check for liquids that are prohibited. If a passenger is found to be carrying a prohibited liquid, the airport will ask you to remove and dispose of it yourself.

Any food items should not be kept inside the luggage. Instead, the airport will ask you to remove them and keep them in a separate plastic bag while scanning. Your valuables like your phones and wallets should be inside your bag while you keep them for scanning and should not be directly kept in the tray. This will prevent misplacing your belongings and also minimize germ spreading.

TSA Airport Security Manpower and Application

Reducing manpower, the TSA has also begun to place prototypes of facial recognition technology. This can allow the passengers to scan their own id and flight tickets, the machine will then match the passenger’s Identity with their information affiliated to the flight ticket.

The TSA has also introduced its MyTSA app to check the wait times at security checkpoints. You can check the wait time and make sure you reach the exact gate on time through the checkpoint you have selected.


These modifications and adaptations that TSA airport security has introduced are safer and secure travel for passengers. So, make sure when you travel during the Covid-19 pandemic, abide by all the rules, and don’t give the airport employees a hard time. Well, if you do, it might get you detained. To ensure safe travel and avoid getting infected with the Covid-19 virus, keep yourself and the people around you safe and sound. If you would like to learn more about Aviation and Airport security jobs, you might want to learn about the security details. Knowing a job and industry better before you to try and get a job in this sector will help you do better when you get one.

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