Understanding Airport Security Rules

Airport Security Rules


Airports may be vulnerable to several threats from intruders or unauthorized trespassers.  The risks may be from a health angle like the recent outbreak of a global pandemic—theft to person or property from possible terrorist attacks.   Airport security relates to the techniques and methods used at airports by security personnel, especially deployed for the purpose.  Airport security aims at protecting passengers and their possessions, staff, aircraft, and airport property.  The protection is essential mostly from accidents, malicious harm, crime,  terrorism, possible infection from a contagious disease, etc. 

Airport Security Rules

Understanding airport security rules can significantly help passengers ensure their safe and comfortable journey.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends the following specific procedures to be followed in air travel.  These procedures include:

Restriction on carrying liquids, gels, aerosols, and explosives: 

Airport security personnel check these items to ensure the presence of any objectionable ingredient hidden in the containers of these substances. A passenger may be required to throw away such a thing in the dustbin provided at the airport. These items should not be more than 3 ounces and should be kept in a clear zip-top bag.  Even carrying perfume spray is subject to a security check.  Instances are there in which terrorists used explosives hidden in tiny spray bottles.  Screening technology can detect explosives contained in a bag, and therefore, such items are strictly banned. Hence it is pertinent to understand Airport Security Rules.

Removing hats, shoes, belts, and jackets: 

Removal of the captioned items necessary as these items can be used to hide small weapons and hazardous items.  In 2001, there was a shoe bomber in a commercial airliner. Belts and metal accessories can cause metal detector alarm.  Hence these items are prohibited for being carried on the person.

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Security check at entry doors: 

The travelers must enter through the directed security gates before entering for other transit.  The security gates contain advanced technology scanners to detect prohibited items.  Besides, the security personnel may also use manual scanners and check for the banned items on a traveler’s person. 

Penal action: 

The miscreants try to employ more and more ways to hide prohibited material, but the security personnel has information on the possible modalities. Thus a traveler with mala fide intention can find himself in a difficult situation.  Recently, a marriage invitation card contained banned drugs in a flat, thin plastic pouch hidden inside the paper folds.  In such cases, the offender is subject to severe penalties and punishments enforceable by law.    

Rules for travel during Lockdown: 

Even in the restricted number of flights currently operational during the Covid-19 lockdown period, new restrictions are applicable.  These rules prescribe the use of masks, aprons, gloves, sanitizers, and taking other precautionary measures to prevent possible contamination and resultant spread of virus infection.  

Carrying medications: 

The medications, if necessary to be taken during the travel, must be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription, invoice from the shop indicating the value of medicines, the weight of the container, and the purpose of the medication.  The checking authority can also ask for government permission to carry the medicines.  This has become a part of Airport Security Rules that are mandatory.

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