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Being a flight finder is pretty simple, but it does take time. You’ll need to know how far you want to travel and what kind of dates you’re looking at now. If you plan to go somewhere for the summer, keep an eye out for airfare prices around that period. If you’re not specific, the flight finder is going to be hard because you’ll have a lot of options.

But if you know when and where finding your flight is, it is gonna be a lot easier!

Here are some websites you may look for now.

1) Google Flights

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Google Flights is probably the most used flight finder by far. It’s simpler than its competitors like Kayak, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good! Unfortunately, it only searches through several airlines (about 8), but this can be advantageous if you’re looking for specific airlines.

2) Kayak

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Kayak is a website powered by Google flights, but it has more airlines that you can search through. It includes both major carriers and smaller regional ones, so if you’re looking for that one obscure airline, this would be the place to look! It’s also simpler than many other sites while still being functional.

3) Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a bit like Kayak and Google flights in that it has a large database of airlines and travel times to find where you’re going, but it’s not as good. The reason for this is several smaller airlines that you might want to search through will require Skyscanner’s paid service to access all of them (about $5 a month).

4) Jetradar

Jetradar is like Skyscanner but for Europe. It has fewer airlines than the other sites, but you can find some obscure ones in their database! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have any major carriers in its database, so it’s only good for regional airlines and obscure carriers.

5) Bing flights

Bing is a search engine just like Google, but the layout of its flight finder component is very different from both Kayak and Skyscanner! It has a fairly large database of airlines, though not as many as either Skyscanner or Jetradar. It’s pretty good for finding obscure airlines, but it isn’t as quick to use as Google flights or Kayak.

6) Momondo

Momondo is like Skyscanner and Jetradar but for Europe! It does have a larger database of airlines than either of those services. It has many different carriers in its database, though many are smaller regional ones. It’s good for finding flights to obscure places but doesn’t quite match up with Skyscanner’s search speed.

7) ITA Matrix

ITA Matrix is the most advanced flight finder service out there, which is why it’s so complicated! It has a search engine that searches for airlines using three different methods. The first method is to look for an airline that flies your route or routes with similar travel times.

These websites are essential as they will help you with your travels and allow you to plan them! Being able to find flights is helpful if you want to go somewhere, especially if it’s far away. These websites can show you multiple options of airlines for travel times that work with your schedule!

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