What Should Travellers Know Before Arriving At Any International Airport UK

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The travel restrictions on international flights in the UK are lifting up slowly, so it’s important to know the travel advice from the UK government. There are some countries such as Italy, Denmark, and Germany, which are at low-risk. So, the travelers landing at any international airport uk need not be quarantined.

However, those coming from the USA are not allowed to land in the UK. There is a travel corridor list made by the UK government. Read further to know about the countries on the list.

Landing To International Airport UK? Know The Travel Corridor List

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The entire world is under the effect of COVID; however, some are at high risk while others are at low. Travelers from the countries in the travel corridor list need not self-isolate or quarantine. Check the UK’s official travel advisory to know the countries whose travelers can travel to England.

However, there are some countries that got removed from the list. Liechtenstein is not on the list now, but if someone from Liechtenstein comes to International Airport UK before 4 am, self-isolation is not required.

Vatican City and San Marino were also removed on 18th October from the list. On the other hand, few countries got a place on the list, such as:




Canary Islands

Remember, one does not have to self-isolate if arriving from these countries only after 4 am. If the time of arrival is before 4 am, please go on quarantine of 14 days.

What About The Local Travelers?

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Not only those arriving at any international airport have to follow the rules, but those visiting within the UK also have to follow the guidelines too. The government has made a 3-tier system where different areas are listed on very high, high, and medium risk.

People living in the medium risk area can easily travel within the tier one area. The same goes for people traveling within tier two. However, those living in tier three cannot travel both within the area and outside the tier three area.

Only in emergency cases, they can travel, and that to be after following all the necessary guidelines.

If you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England, you cannot travel to Wales. Wales is going under a lockdown of 2 weeks from 23rd October. Even Scotland is going to put a ban on restaurant and pub visits.

What About Flight Cancellation?

There may be some cancellation to the flights, but most of the airlines run to the destination mentioned in the FCDO list.

Some airlines like Wizz Air, EasyJet, Ryanair, and Norwegian offer refund options on flight cancellation. Check out the airline’s official flight cancellation and refund policy to know more about it.

On the other hand, some airlines like British Airways offer free updates to dates and destinations till 31st October. Similarly, other airlines have also made changes in their refund, re-book, and booking policies.


Before arriving at any International Airport UK, one must check the complete travel advisory and travel corridor list. This is crucial to know who needs to go on self-isolation so that spread of coronavirus can be restraint.

They are, however, subject to change, so please check the latest facts on the official website.

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