What To Expect When You Travel To and From the Jacksonville International Airport

jacksonville international airport

It is operated and owned by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, which is a county agency. The airport serves all areas of Jacksonville to the north, including parts of Tarpon Springs, Neptune Beach, and Barrington.

There are three major air fields located at this airport: Jacksonville International Airport (Jacksonville International Airport), St. Augustine International Airport, and Martin H. King International Airport. The majority of passengers who fly into the area go to the Jacksonville International Airport. Approximately half of all air travelers go to the St. Augustine International Airport, and the other half to the Martin H. King International Airport.

The Airport Is Divided Into Two Sections

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The airport is divided into two sections – the east-west Runway and the east-west Traffic Control Area. There are also runways designated as controllers west and east of the airport. In addition to the primary runways, there are also two additional runways that service the south, west, and north. These additional runways are located off of the primary runways and connect to the primary airports by walkways.

There are four terminals located at the airport: the terminal area, which contain ticket vending machines; the lower level of the airport, which houses check-in desks; the parking garage, which have facilities for loading and unloading cars; and the wings, which house aircraft maintenance and repair facilities. There is also a ground-based terminal building, which houses the communication center for the surrounding agencies. There is no baggage drop-off allowed inside the terminal, but luggage can be taken out of the terminals through the white and green gates found at the ends of the runways. You need to ask the airport security for this information before embarking on your trip.

Jacksonville International Airport

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The concourses at Jacksonville International Airport are designed to give passengers an easy travel experience. Most of the concourses are separated by wide walkways and have long elevators that take passengers from the departure level to the terminal. The majority of the terminals have three flights per runway, with some having additional flights in the nose gear. The restrooms and boarding ramps are very close to the areas where passengers are boarding and exiting the airplanes.

There are direct flights from Jacksonville to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Nashville, New York, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Sarasota, Saint Petersburg, and Tampa. You can choose from many different airlines to arrive at your destination, including Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Jet Airways. 

Plane Is Also A Convenient Option

Travelling by plane is also a convenient option. All of these carriers offer complimentary checked luggage and seat upgrades upon request. There is a variety of other ground transportation available to and from the Jacksonville International Airport, including bus services and taxi services.

There are direct flights from Jacksonville to most major cities in the United States, as well as to Canada, Mexico, and Germany. If you are travelling from points south of Jacksonville to Canada, there are four flights daily to Toronto and one flight every day to Montreal. From points north of Jacksonville to Atlantic City, Atlantic County has flights to Charlotte, New Jersey; Tampa, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; and New York City. The best times to fly from Jacksonville to these destinations are late January through mid-March, and again in May or June.


Traveling to and from Jacksonville International Airport requires a little preparation beforehand, and the services that are provided by these providers can make your transition to and from the airport much easier than if you attempted to do it yourself. There are shuttle buses to and from the airport, and they leave and arrive at the specified times. If you have baggage that needs to be picked up or dropped off, there is an airport shuttle that will take you to or from the baggage claim area.

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