What to Look for the Best Airport Lounge Credit Card

best airport lounge credit card

One of the best perks to having an airline club membership is that you get plane tickets free with your chosen airline club card. It’s almost like having your own airfare agency for all your travel needs. However, there are some drawbacks to the benefits of airline club credit cards.

A lot of people don’t take advantage of these perks because they believe they don’t deserve the perks. They think they can only enjoy the benefits if they have to spend a bunch of money. The reality is you can enjoy all the benefits of having an airline club membership without paying an annual fee or spending a bunch of money on travel rewards credit cards. Here’s how you do it.

Biggest Lounges

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First, make sure the lounge you want to visit has access to Aeropostale, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines. These are the biggest lounges out there so they have the biggest perks. You can go to any of these companies and reserve your seats ahead of time. Once you have your reservation, you can start enjoying your free tickets and other great perks.

Second, use your Aeropostale or American Airlines lounge access points to redeem other bonuses. For example if you use your points to purchase a plane ticket, you can earn yourself a free ticket. If you want to visit the Blue Mountain Coffee Lounge, American Airlines has a special deal where you can get a free drink. There are many other great lounges out there with exclusive promotions that you can earn points towards so you can save money.

Other Benefits

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Third, once you have your reservation you can start enjoying the many other benefits that come along with having priority access. You will receive a welcome bonus when you make your reservation. You will also be given priority seating privileges. You can have priority seating for flights that have a standby service or early bird rates. The perks don’t stop there.

Fourth, don’t overlook the benefits of membership cards. Not all travel rewards credit cards offer membership discounts. Sometimes they just give you membership discounts when you spend a certain amount or get a certain type of membership.

Terms And Conditions

Fifth, remember to read the terms and conditions. Many credit cards require you to pay an annual fee, have a minimum income requirement, or have a certain minimum credit score required before you qualify for their introductory offer. Many of these fees or requirements will increase as your credit score improves but some do not. Therefore, it is important to read the terms and conditions to find out what type of benefits you will receive as your interest rate or balance decrease.

Last, make sure that your favorite credit card has a reward program. Reward programs are good because they keep you motivated to use your card to purchase the items you want to buy. They also give you incentive to earn rate increases or special offers.

Travel Insurance

A few other things to look for in your preferred credit card is travel insurance. Remember, if you get sick, injured, or lose your luggage while traveling, you are not covered. Therefore, make sure your preferred credit card has a travel insurance policy. This way, if something happens, you can get your baggage taken care of. The best policies usually have a welcome bonus for members that allows you to accumulate points to receive a free airline ticket, hotel stay, or any other rewards points that you earn.

A few other things that I would consider a worthwhile credit card include platinum, gold, and silver. Each one of these has different benefits but is usually priced similar. The biggest benefit with platinum and gold memberships is the ability to earn two to five percent off of everything you purchase including food, gas, and even car rentals. Some of these membership rewards points can be converted to airline tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars.

Another thing to look for is an option to earn an additional benefit. The best credit cards for this purpose usually have a passport infinite or foreign transaction fee, which charge an extra fee for processing a foreign transaction. The two additional benefits to owning a lounge access pass include: automatic seat reservation assistance, as well as discounts at participating hotels, airlines, and attractions. A few additional benefits that are helpful to know about our discounts on food, gasoline, and car rentals.

Final Verdict

With all these choices, there are several perks that will probably be beneficial for you. However, you must read all the fine print in order to find out exactly what is included, the conditions, and how much the annual fees are going to cost you. Be sure you also look into membership perks so you can earn loyalty points towards free flights, free hotel stays, and even airline miles. You can use all the perks to save money and get everything you want out of your membership.

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