Worlds Best Airports That You Must Try To Visit

worlds best airport

Due to the Corona pandemic, the lifestyles of people have changed. People try to remain more and more in their homes. Infact, many important meetings are held online. People do not easily rely on safety measures in crowded places like airports. But here we have made the list of best airports where all the covid 19 precautions are taken and thus are safe.

List Of Worlds Best Airport

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Singapore Changi Airport

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Singapore Changi Airport is always considered the world best airport with no surprise. Always being number one on airport rankings, it is an international airport. It is located in the very well known town Changi in the east of the most amazing destination, i.e., Singapore. Moreover, Singapore Changi is one of the busiest airports across the whole of Asia, with about 65 million passengers per year. Singapore Changi airport impresses everyone with its mesmerizing interior and advanced facilities. It has the yummiest food shops, entertainment deck, theaters, and Gardens. Moreover, it also provides all the safety facilities like temperature checks, sanitizers, air purifiers, and medical teams to prevent the spread of the virus.

Montevideo Airport At Uruguay

Montevideo International Airport is also an international airport with flights to Europe and America, situated at the capital city of Uruguay that is Montevideo. It serves as the busiest airport in the capital, with more than 2 million passengers handled per year.

Bangalore Airport In India

Worlds best airport is Bangalore airport is also known as Kempegowda International Airport. Because of its location at Bangalore, the capital city of the state of Karnataka, it is known by the name of Bangalore Airport. Moreover, with the handle of more than 30 million passengers per year, it is among the busiest airports in India. Its beautiful infrastructure, safety measures, gardens amaze travelers. And the cooperative staff provides the best service.

Tallinn Airport At Estonia

With the 4th position in the worlds best airports ranking, Tallinn Airport is a domestic and international flight airport. It is also the largest airport in Estonia that serves as the country’s capital. It is also known as Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport. This airport serves around 3 million passengers per year with the best services. It is especially known for its fastest security check services and advanced medical teams.

Mumbai Airport- BOM- India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, or simply Mumbai Airport, is the busiest airport in India, along with Delhi Airport, handling around 50 million passengers per year. It serves the Mumbai Metropolitan Area and consists of two terminals.

Passengers seem to be most impressed with the airport’s interior and infrastructure. A good number of reviews that give five stars have similar extensive descriptions of the airport, which kind of makes us question the relevance of the reviews.

Incheon International Airport At Seoul- South Korea

Incheon International Airport is an amazing airport, calm and spacious. It is the largest and also the busiest airport in South Korea. It is often included in the list of the worlds best airports because of advanced facilities like easy navigation, cleanliness, and much more.


Today, People are afraid of traveling due to coronavirus. But the above list guides you about the worlds best airports with the best safety measures.

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