You Must Read This Clear Airport Security Review Before Investing In The Fastest Security Entry

clear airport security review

Are you also one of them who hates to wait in the long queue at airports? Do you also feel like escaping all passengers in between and escaping to the front inline? Ever tried that? No, you may end up with huge fine or violating rules. Hey, but do you know there is an easy and legal option to do this? Clear is the security fast pass that allows you to cut to the front of the line. Now several questions might have popped into your mind. Don’t worry we are here to answer all your queries with a clear airport security review. Clear helps you to skip to the front of the standard security line. 

It is a privately run trusted-traveller program that makes use of both fingerprints and iris scans to confirm identity before security screening. You have a different clear lane at the airport where you need to confirm your identity at a kiosk, and then you can directly go to the front of the TSA line with the help of a clear ambassador. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Yes, it is. If you are eager to know in detail about this particular thing, then read this whole article. You will get a crisp idea about a clear airport security review.

 Eligibility Requirements For Clear Airport Security Review

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The first thing to know about a clear security review is any person who is a U.S. citizen and legal permanent resident is eligible. The person must be at least 18 years for enrollment in clear. It is not for international residents.

Restrictions For Clear Airport Security Review

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The full name on your application must be an exact match of the name on your photo ID.

According to clear security reviews, there is no background check for clear members, unlike other reputed programs. The reason is that it doesn’t reduce screening, simply matching your eye and identity with your boarding pass so you don’t have to present your ID to a TSA officer. 

Benefits Of Clear Airport Security Review

You will have access to accelerated and superfast touchless screening for members when going through airport identification security lines.

Clear is expanding its airport ranges.

According to a clear airport security review, it would eventually include baggage check and claim, boarding, airport lounge access, and security checkpoints.

The enrollment is fast and easy and only requires a few minutes.

Another perk of a clear airport security review is it also offers its members several exclusive discounts or opportunities within its partner network for travelling services like hotels and airline booking.

Bottom Line Of Clear Airport Security Review

As per a clear airport security review, its major consequence is it is very expensive. The average rate for Clear membership is $180 per year. But it is also undeniable that there is no faster way to do this. It does not bypass you from involvement in actual security processes.


a clear airport security review clearly explains that it does not make you escape the line but provides a separate queue by taking biometric screening at initial entry. It is available in many airports of UNited states and is continuously expanding. Only US citizens and permanent residents of the US can enrol for this. As per the clear airport security review, it is quite expensive but worth it to go through the fastest and quickest during airport check-in.

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